6 Ways to Welcome New Neighbors

One of the best things about apartment living is that you have neighbors nearby. Even if you don’t intend to become best friends with your neighbors, it’s always a smart idea to be a good neighbor and make them feel welcome. When you are friendly and watch out for one another, your neighbors will most likely return the favor. Having a positive, helpful relationship with your neighbors means you have someone nearby in case of an emergency, or you have someone to keep an eye on your apartment when you’re out of town.

To help build this relationship, consider these six ways to welcome neighbors when they move into their new apartment.

Handwritten Note

This classic welcoming tip is inexpensive, time-friendly, and a wonderful way to introduce yourself and to show your new neighbor that you’re happy to have them move into their new apartment.

Neighborhood Cheat Sheet

With a handwritten note, include a packet of helpful information about the apartment building and neighborhood. Include things like reminders for garbage and recycle pickup days, the best restaurant delivery services, library locations, special events that are coming up, and reliable handymen in the area.

Apartment Introduction

Your new neighbors most likely toured the apartment building before they signed a lease, but offer to show them around anyway. Sometimes, it’s nice to have a current resident who is familiar with the building to show you the ins and outs. Besides showing your neighbors around the building, introduce them to other residents you’re friends with, and show your new neighbors that they have people nearby who are available to answer a quick question or lend a cup of sugar.

Neighborhood Introduction

It’s exciting to move into a new, unfamiliar neighborhood, especially when there are so many new places to discover. It can often take months, even years, to discover all of the hidden gems, so save your new neighbors time and show them your favorite spots. Invite them to a restaurant within walking distance, and then walk them through the neighborhood and point out all your favorite shops, restaurants, and hangout spots.

Gift Card

Give your new neighbors a gift card to your favorite coffee shop or book store, especially one with friendly and welcoming staff. You don’t have to put a lot of money on the card – even enough credit for one free coffee would be enough to introduce them to your favorite neighborhood spot. Even better, pair a gift card with a menu from your favorite restaurant, and circle or star your favorite menu items to help them decide what to order.

Indoor Plant

This one can be tricky if you buy a high-maintenance plant, especially if your new neighbor doesn’t have a green thumb. Check out these plants to find a plant that’s both decorative and easy to care for.

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