Four Expense Splitting Apps To Make Collecting Bills A Snap

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Living with roommates is a fact of life for most of us. That means the occasional headaches, like divvying up utilities, calculating rent portions, and incessant communication are also a part of our daily lives, for better or for worse. Expense splitting apps are making that less of a headache, thank the stars.

From easily transferring money online, to divvying up bills, to sending friendly reminders, here are some of our favorite expense splitting apps.


If you and your roommates send a lot of money back and forth, Splitwise is a fantastic app to help you keep track of who owes what, by keeping a running tally of shared payments, such as apartment utility bills. It’s free, too, so there’s no reason not to run this app, if you’re tired of arguing over who’s turn it is to buy groceries.


Venmo offers numerous easy, efficient ways to keep track of payments. It also makes sending payments as easy as pushing a button, offering in-app fund transfering (free of charge), as well as the ability to send an invoice. It’s possible to use Venmo to pay rent and utilities to your landlord, as well, if they’re also a Venmo user.

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Hate typing, but need to split up a bill? There’s an app for that! Divvy allows you to simply snap a photo of a receipt, drag-and-drop each person to what they’re paying for, and voila! Done!


A payment platform and bill reminder in one, Zently was designed as a way to keep landlords and tenants in touch, making it easy to keep track of when rent is paid and to alert the landlord to potential issues that need addressing. (We all know how challenging it can be to get in touch with landlords when there’s things to be done.) Currently, Zently is only available in San Francisco, but is catching on quickly, with its innovative functionality. Keep your eyes peeled for this wonderful expense sharing app to go global!

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