How To Decorate A Pinterest-Worthy Apartment

Ever wonder how people achieve Pinterest-worthy apartment glam? Me too! So I spent sometime looking at the apartments people proclaim to be the most beautiful. Believe it or not, there are commonalities between all gorgeous apartments regardless of personal style. Here are a few inside tricks to make your space the next envy-inducing apartment.

1. Name Your Style & Get a Color Palette

We often hear terms like “industrial”, “farmhouse” or “cottage”, which are great places to start from, but you do not have to stop there. The great thing about creating your style is that it is 100% yours! Think of some of your favorite spaces and how they are categorized, and then begin creating your own. For example, my style is “Romantic Italian Countryside”. What that actually means is I love things in soft neutral colors, with a rustic styles, and Italian warmth. Truly, you can mash up any sort of style, but at the heart of it, it is just a mantra to keep in mind while decorating. Once you have named your style, begin selecting your color palette. The trick behind this is to select colors that work well together, and throw out a contrasting color, if you are feeling adventurous. I like to start out with a monochromatic scheme, then add a fun color or pattern.

2. Less Is More

The key behind all of the glamorous images we all gawk at is simplicity. Of course many of the images you find in HGTV or Pinterest will be staged, but many set-ups still provide plenty of storage. When it comes to simplifying, boxes and bins will be your lifesaver. We all have stuff, but keeping it all laid out creates a visual clutter of colors, patterns, textures. Having storage bins to throw things in last minute will alleviate the visual clutter and literally give you a “catch-all“. Think simplistic when furnishing as well. Just because you have a lot of space does not mean you should fill it with a ton of furniture. It is better to put your money towards a few high-quality item that will look great and last, rather than buying 3x as much stuff that breaks and looks sloppy and cluttered.

3. Light & Life

Windows and plants. Your room will immediately give off a glow when you add natural light and life. However, not everyone has floor to ceiling windows and a green thumb, so here’s a few tip to fake it till you make it.

  • Light, translucent fabrics make for great window treatments because they still allow for light to come in while diffusing direct sunlight.
  • Long curtains 84″-96″ open up your space and create more vertical room for the eye
  • Succulents are great go-to’s for a low maintenance commitment
  • Put your plants to work: Select plants or flowers that produce spices, herbs, or a sweetening aroma for your apartment
  • Not into plants? Pick up a bunch of flowers from a deli or invest in some fake ones!

P.S. For more decorating tips check out this post about budget decorating ideas from a design pro.

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    Bringing us back to the foundation of what makes a beautiful room. Lovely.