How To Handle All Your Address Changes Correctly

Address Change How toIf you’re moving into your first apartment, you might not have had an opportunity to forward your mail, let alone know how to handle all your other necessary address change correctly. With so many of our daily interactions happening in the digital space, it’s easy to overlook this step. But important things do come in the mail.

Make sure you don’t miss anything important, with our guide to changing addresses correctly!

Begin With The Post Office:

The first step of changing your address should start with the Post Office. The USPS will be the most important stop in making sure your mail gets to where it needs to be. Read the USPS’ guidelines for forwarding your mail, then go to the Post Office and fill out the address change form or do the change online and pay $1. This will make sure all of your mail comes to your new address for a certain amount of time – usually a couple of months.

Utility Companies:

If this is NOT your first apartment, you might have some utilities in your name. When you move you need to discontinue  them, but also make sure your utility companies have your new address, so you don’t miss any important final bills or notifications. You don’t want to mess up your credit or your good standing with the utility companies!


The Department Of Motor Vehicles needs to be alerted every time your address changes. Good news, you don’t need to go to the office, as the DMV allows for address changes to be handled online. Make sure you get around to it, though, as you could be subject to fines if you don’t.

Your Bank:

Cashing checks or withdrawing money from your bank account requires showing ID. To avoid complications, make sure your bank has your new address on file. If your checks have your address printed on them, you’ll need to change the address on those, as well.

Your Boss:

Your boss will need to know where you are residing, when it comes time to mail your W2’s at the end of the year. You really don’t want to miss that mail, as getting a replacement W2 can be a total headache.

Your Doctor:

Your Doctor might need to mail you important information, regarding policy changes, insurance, or any other details pertaining to their practice. You don’t want to find out your doctor’s switched offices while you were moving, when you need medical attention.

Your Subscriptions:

If you still get subscriptions via snail mail, you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss out on those, as well. Whether it’s a subscription to Time, Newsweek, the New York Times, or a subscription service like Vinyl Me, Please, it would be a minor tragedy to miss out on those precious goodies.

Handling an address change correctly makes moving infinitely easier and less stressful. Follow these steps and start life in your new apartment on the right foot.

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