Enjoy A Summer Staycation!

Summer may be the time to travel and explore the world, but many of us don’t have the time off or bank accounts to spend on a big, fancy trip! Taking a staycation is a great way to relax and unwind without coming home to a massive bill. Instead of griping or wasting the season away, enjoy a summer vacation in your favorite city: your own! If you’re close with your roommates, consider “inviting” them along to participate in the plans you make, or invite other local friends to share in your summer break.

Staycation Basic Rules:

1. Do something special / new / exciting

Staycations are much less fun if you let them turn into an average weekend on the sofa. Instead, make a plan or itinerary like like you would for a vacation! Where are you going to eat breakfast? Spend your morning? Afternoon? Dinner? Post-dinner? Think about different activities to fill your Saturday or weekend and write them out! It’s easy to build a quick schedule in your apartment on a piece of notebook paper, accounting for each hour of your vacay.

2. Spend time in your own city or areas immediately surrounding

The other fun side this plan? Do your research and find out the top tourist spots in your city, the hidden gems in your neighborhood, or local hiking and nature trails. If you haven’t been to a place yet and it peaks your interest, add it to your itinerary!

Remember, this is a STAYcation! Find areas that are¬†easy to get to and from. Keep location especially in mind if your staycation spans two or more days! You don’t want to be too far out that you can’t easily get home to your apartment to sleep.

On the other hand, don’t be confined by your own beaten track! Again, do your research to learn about interesting places places you haven’t seen before that are a short drive away, or even better, easily accessible by public transportation.

3. Explore something you’ve never done before¬†

One of the most fun parts of vacation is the novelty: Being somewhere completely new. While we can’t replicate the feeling of being completely away from home, you can replicate that feeling of novelty! As you’re spending time out, go to a different neighborhood and find new restaurants, coffee shops, or book stores. Many cities have great ethnic enclaves where you can almost feel like you are in a foreign country. Check them out. Take a hike on a trail you’ve never visited. Go to a local water park or drive-in movie. Think of something you’ve “always wanted to do” and DO IT!

4. Consider a social-media cleanse

Last but absolutely not least, consider a cleanse from social media. Pretend you’re on a tropical island with no cell phone reception. Take your phone along for safety and to snap photos of your adventures, but consider deleting your social apps from your phone or swearing them off for the weekend. Vacations off-the-grid are often much more relaxing because you can be present without feeling the tug of your devices! Give it a shot!!

Leave your staycation ideas or success stories in the comments! What’s the best staycation activity in YOUR city?

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