Cooking At Home: Recipes Galore Online!

Are you dreaming of the smell of freshly baked apple pie wafting through the house, or a plate of chocolate chip cookies cooling on the counter, or a real home cooked meal set on the table?  One of the struggles of living on your own is figuring out where your next meal is coming from. Sometimes a box of Annie’s Mac & Cheese is not enough to satisfy your appetite and mom isn’t there to cook your favorite penne alla vodka. Neither is your sister around to whip up her perfect grilled cheese. You got to take matters into your own hands and start cooking at home for yourself. Luckily, once again, it’s internet to the rescue!

Here are some helpful sites I have found that have easy recipes, doable even by the most inexperienced cooks:

Tasty on Buzzfeed

You might recognize this household name for their short cooking videos that were practically on every social media outlet you could find. They have variations of recipes that can satisfy even a picky palate, from Tasty Weeknight Dinners, Tasty Vegetarian, and even Tasty Cheat Day recipes for those watching their waistlines. Some of my favorite recipes include Citrus Salmon, Churro Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Healthy Chicken Alfredo Pasta.


I spend a lot of time browsing this site, not only for the recipes but for the amazing, extremely detailed photography of the food. Its enough to make you start craving for skillet cookies, hearty soups, and pasta.


Not only does this site include some great recipes but it also has a blog that recommends great products, and YouTube channels that cover everything from cooking for children to the easiest way to clean a grill. Some of my favorite recipes include Roasted Garlic Asparagus, Our Favorite Spaghetti and Meatballs, and the Easy Pad Thai.

Food Network

We all know the big names that grace Food Network’s studios, like Giada de Laurentiis, Bobby Flay or Ina Garten. With all of their star chefs and shows like Chopped or Ace of Cakes, how could you go wrong?! They have all the standard pasta recipes but also a large variety of more interesting choices to try and experiment with.

A lot of the recipes on these sites are easy to follow and are basic enough for even the most inexperienced cook. I have used these sites for many dinners and I can guarantee that anyone is capable of making themselves a delicious meal if enough love and effort is put into the task.

Regular cookbooks — not online but still a handy resource

They are almost archaic, right? Actually no. Keep in mind that cookbooks with beloved family recipes are always a wonderful addition to any household. A few of the most popular new releases are Cravings by Chrissy Teigen (surprisingly amazing meals), True to Your Roots: Vegan Recipes to Comfort and Nourish You by Kristin Cavallari, or Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics by Ina Garten. However, you can hit the jackpot with any cookbook!

After you start cooking, you’ll realize that when a meal you cook for yourself or for your friends is done with love and care you can taste the difference.  The blending of some spices and the ingredients you purchased is the simple magic of making a wonderful meal!

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