Bring the Outdoors In: Easy Houseplants

If you love the outdoors, get some plants to bring the feeling of nature and fresh air into your living space. Just remember, keeping plants alive is much harder than it looks! Personally, I really enjoy the pops of green color that houseplants offer in my small space…but the vast majority of mine end up dry, shriveled, and dead within the first few weeks. To avoid that problem, I’ve found some easy houseplants that will add color without adding too much responsibility!


Love deep, flowery colors? This tropical plant is a must for your apartment! It has deep green leafy stems and bright pops of color. Don’t over-water these plans, instead relying on filling the plant’s saucer when it becomes try.


While cacti may be prickly to the touch, they are lovely when it comes to taking care of! Talk about an easy houseplant! These rarely require water and simply like to be set in the sun. There is a HUGE variety of cacti, from those with long thin spines to ones that are relatively harmless. Check your local plant store and pick out the plants that call to you!


Keep these plants nicely watered, with moist soil at most times. If you find yourself spilling water everywhere with a cup, invest in a small, long-stemmed watering can! Keep it under your sink for easy access, and eliminate the mess!


These beauties will tell you what they need! Keep them watered regularly, but not over-moist. If you over-water, the leaves will yellow. Under-water it and the leaves will brown and fall off. These plants will do well even if your apartment does not get a lot of sun.


Pothos are great either planted or as water gardens. Water them occasionally and keep an eye on the leaves! They don’t like wet soil, so let the soil dry out completely before watering. This will keep the roots from rotting, and keep you looking at beautiful houseplants!

Spider Plant

Keep your cute spider plant in bright (indirect) sunlight and let it completely dry out between waterings. Much like Pothos, their roots will rot with too much moisture!

These easy houseplants are perfect as kitchen table centerpieces, nightstand or dresser decor, side table pieces, or on shelving. Get creative on where you can use plants and have fun with them! Before investing too much, try raising a few easy houseplants. After you’re successful, find some cute pots to plant them in and start to build your apartment garden and reap the benefits!


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  1. Avatar Michelle

    Thanks for this article! I always see such beautiful plants that liven up rooms and bring such a warm and calming atmosphere….but I always have a hard time figuring out what they’re called! Not only do I now know which plants to buy, but how to take care of them!