Your Guide to Online Home Furnishing Shopping

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Even for those of us who love shopping and decorating, furnishing your first apartment can be a long and tedious process. Online shopping has made the process considerably easier by allowing you to shop from the comfort of your couch or while out on the go, but digital browsing comes with its own set of challenges as well. Don’t even ask me how many times I’ve ended up in an online shopping spiral. Admit it: You’ve found yourself on page 45 of a Google search before while trying to scout out the perfect (insert item here) for your new apartment.

Thankfully, the online shopping rabbit hole can be avoided when you go into the hunt prepared. Check out this handy guide to online home furnishing shopping below for tips and tricks that will ensure you never see Google page 45 ever again.

Measure. Then measure again.

If you’re shopping for furniture online, the most important first step is to measure the space where you want the item to go (and all the doorways/hallways you’ll need to pass through to get to that space). Then, measure again to make sure you have the dimensions just right. Use these measurements to help you choose an item that will actually fit into the space.

Trust me (I know from experience), the last thing you want to buy is a couch that you can’t fit through the front door.

Read every review you can find. (Yes, seriously).

Does the product stand the test of time? Does it look anything like the photo shown online? Does the company have a good reputation for helpful customer service? Reading reviews helps you answer questions like these and know if the product you’re interested in buying is actually worth your money. So, sit back, kick up your heels, and get ready to read your heart out.

If you’re not into an afternoon of casual review reading, then get ready for some really good news. HousePouch makes shopping online for your apartment super easy and efficient. This handy site allows you to search items from 20+ retailers all in one place. Through personalization tools that filter results based on your preferences for budget and style and by limiting product offerings to only those with the best reviews, HousePouch really is a one-stop-shop for all your apartment shopping needs.

Compare pricing across multiple sites (and items).

To ensure that you’re getting the most bang for you buck, it’s key to compare prices across many different brands and sites. This will not only help you pick the best item, but will ensure that you’re paying the least amount possible for the product you decide on in the end. HousePouch scores again in this department. Showcasing products with the best competitive pricing (including pricing updates for sales), their site makes it easy to compare prices without having to go to tons of different websites.

Pro tip: Wait for a sale. Trust me, nothing stings quite like paying full price for an item only to see it listed for 10% off a few weeks later. 

Well, there you have it, fellow apartment-dwellers! Keep these tips in mind when shopping for your apartment online and furnishing your new place will be a breeze. Get started now by using code mfa15 for 15% off your first purchase through HousePouch

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