Top Summer Energy Saving Tip

Want to know the quickest and easiest way to save cash and energy this summer? Keep reading for the top summer energy saving tip to implement this year!

Whether you live in a hot and humid or a more mild city, air conditioning bills add up…and fast! Especially as you move from winter, which may require less energy, to spring, which in many cities, requires no climate control at all! So, when summer hits, your energy bill can take a crazy leap alongside the temperature if you’re not careful.

Your air conditioning system works in a pretty basic way. You will always have to set your thermostat to either Heat or Cool and specify a certain temperature. For example, if you set your thermostat on Cool and for 72 degrees, your system will kick on and start blowing cool air the second your apartment becomes warmer than 72 degrees. Once enough cold air is blown through your apartment for it to reach 72, the unit will stop and wait for it to heat up again… at which point the cycle continues.

So, what’s this tip?!

Turn off your A/C when you leave the house!

Yes, it is that easy!

Think about it! What’s the sense of keeping an ice-cold apartment while there’s no one there to enjoy it? You likely spend at least eight hours out of your apartment every day at work or school. Along with your eight hours at work, you likely spend one hour on your commute, and two more hours on errands, at the gym, or with friends each day. That’s 11 total hours you’re out of your apartment!

To estimate how much money this tip can save you, check out your average cooling bill and divide the cost essentially in HALF (the amount of time you can avoid leaving it on each day)!

The best part about this tip? You won’t notice a difference in how cool your apartment is until the moment you come home. Then, as long as you turn on the A/C right when you walk in, it will be cooled in no time.

Bonus Tip! If you have a newer air conditioning system or smart system, you can spend 10 minutes to program your thermostat’s settings to have the A/C automatically turn off when you know you’ll be out of your apartment (think 8am – 6pm Monday through Friday). Then, as you deviate from your regular schedule, you can adjust as needed and reap the savings! (Note: Unless you have great handyman skills, you probably have to pay your building’s handyman $20 to install the smart thermostat device.)

Smart air conditioning and thermostats are a new craze in homes, since they offer a TON of convenience! Instead of having to be home to adjust the temperature, you can do it all from your device. With options like Nest (here on Amazon for ~$250), you can be sure you get the most from your unit.  Think about it: Instead of remembering to turn off your A/C when you leave your apartment, you can simply update it on your phone during your morning commute. Plus, if you’d like your place to be climate controlled by the time you get home, you can adjust it on your way back!

Other smart air conditioning products with strong setting functionality are the Honeywell Lyric T5 ($~100 on Amazon) and the Ecobee ($~250 on Amazon). Each has unique features, but these boast advanced settings to ensure your apartment is always a great temperature without breaking the bank. While it may cost a bit up front (we know $250 isn’t pennies) a smart system will absolutely save you money over time, especially in hotter climates.

For even more energy saving tips, check out here.

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