Tips to Be a Great Apartment Guest

Summer is the perfect time for visiting friends near and far, and if you are lucky, you might even get invited to stay over for a few days. Being a great apartment guest isn’t difficult…but few people know how to do it right! When you are invited to stay in someone’s apartment, here are a few easy things you should do to be polite and ensure you get invited back!

As a guest, you should be…


Pick up after yourself! If you use their bathroom to take a shower, pick up your dirty clothes and hang up your towel right after you finish up. If you help yourself to snacks or cook a meal, put away the leftovers and get any dishes you use into the sink or dishwasher before you move on to your next activity.

Even if your host isn’t a neat freak, be considerate of their apartment space and don’t leave your mess behind when you leave. Instead, take care of small clean-up tasks as soon as you make the mess so you don’t have to waste precious time cleaning up a huge mess later on.


Apartments are TINY! Be conscious of your host’s space by not spreading out too much. Instead of tossing clothes out of your suitcase or leaving shoes around their apartment, try to unpack when you get dressed (to find the items you need!) then repack before you leave the apartment, keeping everything contained in your suitcase.

For bonus points, when you pack for your trip, make sure your suitcase is organized and that items are easy to find so you don’t have to dig through.

When it comes to bathroom essentials, rely on a toiletry bag to keep your mess contained. Instead of leaving your toothbrush, hairbrush, face wash, and other bathroom needs splayed on your host’s bathroom counter, toss it all back into your toiletry bag once you’re done with it.

Again, this is a common courtesy to your apartment host, especially when they live in a small space. No one wants to trip over someone else’s belongings!

Ready to help with costs

Now, I’m not asking you to pay a portion of their rent or utilities, but when you’re being hosted, it’s absolutely polite to try to treat your host. If you go out to breakfast, offer to pay as a “thank you,” or rotate who pays for drinks after dinner. That way, you’re not spending too much money, but you’re giving your host a tangible thank-you.


Being a host isn’t easy! They probably did some laundry (to provide you fresh sheets and towels!), cleaned up, planned activities, and changed their other plans to spend this time with you. Enjoy your time together and be grateful to them for opening their (albeit small!) home to you!

One way to show how grateful you are for the invite is to bring a little gift for your hosts. It does not have to be anything expensive and fancy; a jar of jam for breakfast toasts or box of special treats from your hometown are perfect choices.

Follow these easy tips and both you and your host will have a great visit and you’re guaranteed to be invited back!


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