How To Be A Great Apartment Host

There are a few tried and true methods to being a great apartment host when you have friends join you in your apartment. Check out these quick and easy tips to ensure your friends have a great experience in your apartment and love to visit you!

Prep and clean up

No one wants to spend time in a dirty place. Think about where your guests will spend time in your apartment (guest bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen) and try to take a few hours to clean. This is a good opportunity to clean up the rings around your sink, anything growing in your shower (ew) and to wash the bedding your guests will use. This is also the time to check that the airbed they’ll be using still inflates properly or that the sleeper sofa has not acquired uninvited guests inside. You don’t want to have to improvise sleeping arrangements on the fly.

While your own bedroom doesn’t necessarily need to be spotless, think about the places your guests will spend time and focus your efforts there! Again, be thoughtful to ensure they’ll have a positive experience by not being grossed out!

Plan activities

Nothing’s worse than arriving somewhere and being asked by your host: “So, what do you want to do?” Ask your guests a week or so before what types of activities they want to do while they’re visiting you. Then, have a few options prepared when your guests arrive! Remember, you’re the expert of your city! Take this as an opportunity to share your favorite things about where you live… and try to be prepared!

My recommendation for a weekend trip? Have a couple options for activities each day, and think through the entire day. Breakfast? Lunch? Afternoon? Dinner? Evening? As you make firm plans (think: requires reservations), check with your friends before booking.

Be thoughtful

Hosting is not always easy, but being thoughtful, making loose plans, and focusing on having FUN is crucial! Do a little grocery shopping before your friends arrive to have a few of their favorite snacks or drinks on hand, provide easily accessible towels, ensure there’s plenty of tissues and toilet paper in your bathrooms…  Finally, do a quick lap around your apartment before they arrive and check that you’ve covered everything!

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