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As you try to find your first apartment, it’s important to compare a few different apartments before making your decision. Instead of falling in love with the first apartment you see, try to be critical of different units and check out a few others to find the one that’s right for you! Use the MyFirstApartment Apartment Comparison Guide to ensure you are thoughtful about your selection.

This guide will help you easily track / remember the different apartment units you visit and confirm you make the best decision! Print it out and take it along to each apartment visit. After seeing the place and gathering the material, fill it in to easily compare the apartments you consider.

Using the form above to track your findings, consider these criteria when you visit each apartment:

Cost: Can you afford this apartment? What other fees are involved when you sign your lease (pets, parking, and more)? What is the application process like?

Size: Is this enough space for you? Are there enough bedrooms and bathrooms? If you have roommates, is the space equal (or can you easily split the space evenly)? Is it too much space for your needs?

Location: How does this apartment impact your commute to work or school? When is the apartment available for your to move in? How close is this apartment to friends and family? Other places you like to spend time? What floor is the available apartment on?

Perks: What do you love about this apartment? Are there new or fancy upgrades? Nice apartment amenities? Huge windows? Great location?

Feeling: Do you LOVE this place, or is it more “meh”? Remember your gut feeling when you tour an apartment!

Lucky for you, you’re not alone in this search! We’ve provided tips on…

Our most important advice is always that you should only look at apartments within your price range (which you can calculate here), so you don’t end up in financial struggle a few months down the road. Moving into your first place is a big financial adjustment and rent is only one of the expenses you have to learn to manage. In any case, compare and contrast the most important features of each apartment, and you’ll eventually end up with the best option for you and your lifestyle.

What other criteria are important when selecting your first apartment?

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