50 Free Or Cheap Things To Do This Summer!

It’s hard not to remember childhood summers as the most magical, wonderful times of the year – full of fun, freedom, adventure, possibly romance. But, as we get older, and move into our first apartments, summer stops feeling quite as thrilling. We no longer look forward to summer – after all, who has the money to drop on a trip and how are you even expected to get that time off of work?

On this first day of Summer 2017, we declare that this attitude is just too tragic to allow! Just because we’re not in first grade and have to pay bills doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to experience joy and freedom, that we can’t take advantage of the glorious warm weather and the beautiful natural world. No one should have to feel bored, stuck, or depressed in the summer.

To help jog your gears, we’ve compiled a list of 50 free or cheap things you can do this summer!

cheap fun summer

  1. Go to a free music festival.
  2. Go camping.
  3. Go on a day hike.
  4. Ride your bike.
  5. Read a novel.
  6. Go to the beach.
  7. Write in your notebook.
  8. Stargaze.
  9. Call your mom.
  10. Go for a walk.
  11. Binge watch NetFlix.
  12. Go on a date.
  13. Learn how to bake a cake!
  14. Crushed ice drink party.
  15. Get caught up with Pretty Little Liars.
  16. Get involved with politics.
  17. Find local interest groups to join.
  18. Start writing your memoir.
  19. Pick strawberries.
  20. Pick wildflowers.
  21. Explore your city or town.
  22. Do cartwheels.
  23. Blow bubbles.
  24. Check out a parade.
  25. Play mini-golf.
  26. Get a Slushee.
  27. Do yoga in the park.
  28. Play guitar.
  29. Write a poem.
  30. Find the best happy hours in your neighborhood.
  31. Go to the library.
  32. Fly a kite.
  33. Go to a museum.
  34. Photography.
  35. Have a photo shoot with friends.
  36. Go to a baseball game.
  37. Have some friends over for a get together.
  38. Make a blanket fort.
  39. Go to a planetarium.
  40. Go to an aquarium.
  41. Do some gardening.
  42. Run through the sprinklers.
  43. Feed the ducks.
  44. Watch a documentary.
  45. Eat fresh fruit.
  46. Make gifts for your family and friends.
  47. Look at the clouds.
  48. Go to a butterfly garden.
  49. Go to a cafe.
  50. People watch.

So, jump into summer…the water is fine!

Free Things To Do This Summer

What are some of your big plans this summer? What are some things you like to do for free or very little money? Let us know in the comments!

Want even more ideas on how to find cheap things to do this summer? Read an interview about  MyFirstApartment.com on Mint.com, for even more tips on how to have fun on a budget this summer!

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    Great post! :) I never understood people who say that they are bored – they should definitely read this article!.