30 Minutes or Less to a Tidy Apartment

A messy and unorganized apartment can happen before you know it – you leave a dirty towel on the bathroom floor, an empty water bottle on the coffee table, a bag full of trash in the kitchen, and that’s how it starts. But don’t fear. That pile of clothes, stack of dishes, and basket full of unopened mail that makes your apartment look messy is easy to handle. In just 30 minutes – or less – you can organize your apartment with these 10 quick and easy steps to a tidy apartment.


  1. Wash, dry, and put away your dirty dishes.
  2. Put away any unnecessary items – such as cereal boxes, trash, or mail – from your counter tops, and then wipe your counter tops clean.
  3. Sweep the floor.
  4. Take out the trash.

Living Area

  1. Sort through any unopened mail, place your scattered books back on the shelf, and throw away all old and/or read magazines.
  2. Straighten the cushions, pillows, and throws on your living room furniture.


  1. Make your bed.
  2. Place any dirty clothes in your hamper, and put away clean clothes.


  1. Place any dirty towels, wash cloths, or clothes in your hamper.
  2. Put away any unnecessary items that clutter your counter tops, and then wipe your counter tops clean.


P.S. A quick cleaning routine works great if your apartment is just messy and untidy, but not totally disgusting and unsanitary.  If things have gotten truly bad, you need to set aside one Saturday and do a major cleaning following Chloe’s checklist.

Complete Apartment Cleaning Checklist

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