Gift Registry Rules for the Co-Habitating Couple

Moving in with your Significant Other (SO) is a TON of fun. However, moving in together often means you will have a lot of stuff, like kitchen items and potentially living room and bedroom items that have been through couple of moves already. Chipped and banged-up duplicates of necessary items are commonplace. So, if friends and family want shower you with gifts for big occasions, like birthdays, housewarmings, weddings?, and more… how do you handle it?

For a Housewarming Registry or Wedding Registry (if and when you do decide to make it official), it can be tricky to decide what to ask for if you already live together. Never fear! While there are tons of registry-suggestions online, consider categorizing those common items in the below categories. Then scan in peace.

  • Items you need / don’t have

Traditionally, registries should include items that you don’t yet own. This makes it special for friends and family to give you something brand new that you can use for years! However, with more couples living together, lots of items may be duplicates. Before making your full list, consider items you’d LIKE but don’t yet have. These may be fancier kitchen appliances, matching sets, and more! Consider these…

  • Kitchen appliances (food processor, blender, toaster, bakeware)
  • Serving pieces (platters, bowls) and utensils (carving set, salad servers)
  • Decor items (candle sticks, vases)
  • Glassware sets
  • Special occasion china and flatware (if you entertain often and have room to store)
  • Items that need an upgrade

This is KEY for registry items! Be honest with yourself. If your Tupperware is stained and deformed (but stillĀ kinda functional), this is a great opportunity to replace with a glass storage container set that is so much healthier to use. Or, if you have a mismatched plate set that you don’t love, consider asking for an upgraded set that includes the number of settings you really need. There’s no need to get extravagant with registry “asks”, but this is one of the few times in life that people are excited to get you something pretty and functional. Key items to remember:

  • Matching everyday dishware
  • Everyday flatware
  • Bedding
  • Throws / decor
  • Items you haveĀ 

EXCLUDE any items that you already have and don’t need an upgrade. There’s a fine line between replacing things that are old and/or gross, and gluttony. If you don’t really need a new one, don’t ask someone to buy it for you.

  • Fun items

Then, think of any extras, or off-the-wall gifts that you and your SO would love. For a wedding, consider a honeymoon fund, a GoPro, or a month of paying for cable and Internet! Be creative here. Just because friends aren’t giving you a physical object, doesn’t mean they can’t give you something you’d LOVE or really need. But, be up front with them in the registry and explain what you’d like there, so everyone is prepared and you’re not disappointed!

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