Living Solo: Some Perks and Downfalls

Throughout your whole life, you live with your family. You share a bathroom, have chores, and fight for the remote. Well, at least that was my experience. I have always dreamed of living by myself. Peace and quiet. That was always my thought. That dream came to life this past month and it has been quite the adjustment. I am happy with my decision and stand by it but it may not be for everyone.

It’s quiet. You can hear your thoughts and you have to do your own chores. Now the difference is that it is by choice. But that’s the beauty of living by yourself. You discover that you are self-sufficient and that adulting is manageable. My biggest adjustment has been the quiet. I was so bored that I ended up getting a gym membership. At least it is a good habit instead of binge watching shows and shoving Goldfish down my mouth.

You have new areas to explore. You have to learn the area you’re now living in. Start by trying new restaurants and figuring out the best delivery options – think Lorelai from Gilmore Girls when Rory first moves to Yale. Yeah you can do that, that’s what’s it is all about.

You’ll discover your sense of independence. There is no better feeling than having your own space and knowing that you can support yourself. That sense of independence is what we all long for from the the moment we cross the stage in that cap and gown at graduation. And it feels good!

You have freedom to do as you please. You won’t have cleaning conflicts with your roommate since your only roommate is yourself. You have the freedom to go as you please and to try new things. Find activities that go along with your passions. If you like theater, find a local theater to volunteer. If you like sports, find a local intramural club team. If you want to improve your physical shape, get a gym membership. The world is your oyster!

But…it can get boring. Now, for some living by yourself isn’t ideal. It can be a boring experience and you can start molding into your bed. At least if you have a roommate, you have someone to explore with and split rent. Its a win-win but whatever your preference is, go for it. It is your journey. Trust your gut that you’ll pick whichever is the better choice for you!

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Kristen Valera is a working girl in the CT area who enjoys finding new places to eat, and has officially made the big move to her first apartment. She hopes her experiences will help others to find their space.

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  1. Avatar Anthony Turner

    Your list reflects how I feel. I love being able to have peace and quiet without being bothered by others. I love leaving my bathroom door open and walking around with no pants. I love knowing that when I eat something or put something away it’s because i did so.

    There’s the disadvantages too like having to clean up my mess by myself, paying the rent by myself (Expensive but totally worth it.) There’s also the occasional moments of loneliness and the need to socialize or else I become a hermit. Wouldn’t change living on my own for anything unless I have a significant other.