5 Apps To Help You Furnish For Cheap With Online Yard Sales

Do you remember waking up early on Saturday mornings, to go loot through other people’s knick-knacks with your Aunt Suze or your Granny K? If so, you might remember garage sales and yard sales as unsorted, slightly-dirty collections of used tube socks; squirrel candles with their heads burned off; cross-stitch samplers from deceased elderly relatives; stacks of scratched LPs; and scarred, scratched, pock-marked end tables that not even their maker could love. Now, there are online yard sale apps that bring the best bargains right into your phone.

Yes, garage and yard sales, both online and off, can be hit-or-miss affairs, but they can also be a super-affordable way to get all the things you need for your first apartment, on the cheap – especially when your search is methodical, organized, and efficient. Luckily, there’s a handful of apps and websites that have you covered! Here’s five of our favorites that help you streamline your search, so you won’t have to dig through barrels of unwashed undies!

Local search is becoming increasingly important in today’s digital world, especially when it comes to finding used goods and services. This creates a kind of gold rush, where more and more content seems to flood the airwaves, once people figure out there’s a buck to be made. Simply scrolling through Craigslist or looking up ‘used coffee table Portland’ (or wherever you’re located) is likely to send you down a wormhole of outdated links or people trying to auction off their used light bulbs.

Luckily, the app/website 5Mile has you covered! 5Mile allows users to boost their posts for free, every four hours, keeping postings up-to-date and current, meaning you’ll see the best deals on used apartment furnishings at the top of your feed, every time! 5Mile also discourages scammers by offering multiple failsafes against fake personas, giving some much-appreciated peace of mind, when it comes to finding high-quality, useful deals on used appliances or furniture for your first apartment.

For an example, check out the listings for ‘used coffee tables’ near Portland, Or. Everything looks either brand new or lightly used, often for less than a hundred bucks, which could run you three times as much if you were to purchase new.

LetGo is a favorite with sellers, as it automatically analyzes their photos and suggests appropriate text, meaning less typing and a faster, more-efficient uploading process. This site is good news for buyers looking for good deals on apartment furnishings, as well, being frequently updated and easy to search.

The only downside is prices aren’t listed on the photo page, requiring a click-through to find out how much the item costs. There’s an on-board messaging system, however, letting you easily communicate with the seller, which more than makes up for the .1 second time investment to swipe or click.

Although there isn’t an app, and it’s currently only available in New York and Washington D.C., AptDeco is an essential tool in your apartment furnishing kit, especially if you don’t have a car or bigger vehicle to haul furniture and furnishing. AptDeco offers the option to have sellers deliver your purchases, for a slight fee. They’ll even build your furniture for you! It’s like a deal-hunting website and moving company all in one! For those looking for the best deals on used and new furniture, without having to do the moving, AptDeco is for you!



OfferUp might be a bit more rudimentary than the other sites and apps we’ve mentioned, but there’s enough bells, whistles, frills, and deals to make it worth your while! OfferUp doesn’t offer direct purchase links like the other sites do, but they don’t charge any fees, either, making it a great deal for buyers and sellers alike! Just check out some of these sofas within 30 miles of New York, NY! Many of the couches are either brand-new, still in the box, or lavish and luxe as a Design Within Reach showroom.


Apartment Therapy: Marketplace (formerly KRRB)

Specializing in apartment and home furnishings, Apartment Therapy: Marketplace should definitely have a spot on your iPhone or Android, if you’re looking for apps to help save money on apartment furnishings. As with many of the other apps, it’s free to list items on Apartment Therapy: Marketplace, but they do take a 10% fee, likely causing a slight markup in prices. Apartment Therapy: Marketplace is worth noting, as it also showcases items that can be shipped – a unique feature among apartment furnishing apps, meaning you can find great deals from all over the world (if you’re willing to pay for shipping). Apartment Therapy: Marketplace also offers a wide range of apartment furnishings, from used ottomans to original art, making it both practical as well as aspirational.

how to furnish your apartment with garage sales

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What are some of your favorite ways to find deals on used apartment goods? Any apps or websites you frequent and think we should know about? Let us know in the comments!

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