Cheap and Creative Apartment-Friendly Hobbies

After moving into your first apartment, you’ll find it easier than you thought to spend a ton of time on the sofa in front of your TV or surfing the Internet. Instead of wasting too much time, try picking up a hobby or two that can keep you occupied and using your brain!

Here are a few ideas to stretch those “creative muscles” even in the smallest apartment without breaking the budget!


Yoga is a very apartment-friendly form of exercise because you don’t need a ton of space and also won’t disturb neighbors with noisy jumping. There are plenty of apps and YouTube videos that can lead you through yoga flows that don’t take too much time and will leave you feeling relaxed! If you want to make a little investment, you can purchase an app. Otherwise, here is a great (free!) yoga instructor’s YouTube site you can follow along with.


Everyone has to eat! Instead of relying on takeout in front of the TV, consider getting creative with cooking meals. If you can budget for a service like Blue Apron, it’s a fun way to start. If not, check out the many foodie blogs online! I love Clean Food Crush, which focuses on clean and healthy recipes that use simple ingredients that are easy to find in your local grocery store!


As kids, plenty of us started playing instruments. If you still have your old piano keyboard or flute, try breaking it out with sheet music you can find online! If you need a refresher course (let’s be honest…you probably will), you can find them on YouTube as well. If you don’t have an old instrument laying around, check out your local thrift store or music shop! Try to choose an instrument that isn’t too loud to avoid irritating your neighbors.


Reading is such a wonderful pastime as it can transport you to a totally different world…without leaving the comfort of your apartment! Hit your local thrift store, read-it-again shop, or bookstore. Pick up a few titles that look interesting and read a few pages. If you’re hooked, that’s the book for you! Take it home with you and snuggle up!

Drawing or Painting

If you’re more creative, try taking up drawing or painting! You don’t need many tools to create some amazing pieces! From watercolor to pen art, find some scrap paper in your apartment or run to the store for supplies and get creative!

Did you rekindle an old hobby or discover a new one when you moved out on your own?  Please share in the comments.

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