Housewarming Party: Do’s and Don’ts

Welcome to your first apartment! Now that all the hard work is over (finding your place, securing funds for a deposit, filling out applications, waiting to hear you got your place, packing up, moving in, unpacking)…it’s time to celebrate! Moving into your first place is not only exciting, but it is a huge accomplishment and no easy feat. Housewarming parties are traditionally ways to invite your friends into your home to help you enjoy the accomplishment. For your first housewarming, check out these tips!

Do…Plan an activity

Whether you leave out cards or a board game, plan to lead a quick tour every half-hour, or turn on a sports match, try to have some sort of activity in play for your party. Activities help people who don’t know each other mingle and breaks up a big room.

Do…Supply light snacks

For any party, consider supplying a few appetizers and drinks for your guests. Feel free to encourage a “BYOB” or potluck style, but as the host, always have a few things to offer as well. See this post for quick, easy app ideas that would be great for your housewarming.

Do…Encourage a drop-in atmosphere

Housewarming parties can take place at any time of day, but I love a 3-hour, afternoon event. Encourage friends to “swing by” to see your new place and hang out for a bit, but don’t force an hours-long commitment, especially on close acquaintances. Afternoon housewarming parties are great because you can start the event around 4PM and by 6PM only your close friends will have stuck around, leaving you all to decide how to handle the rest of the night.

Do…Invite friends from different areas of your life

A housewarming is a great, low-commitment way to include your friends AND close acquaintances…think of friends from work or people you don’t see often. The drop-in atmosphere is low-pressure, and it’s a fun way for everyone involved to meet new people. Use an invitation website or Facebook group to track your RSVP’s!

Don’t…Expect gifts

(Very) traditional housewarming parties encourage guests to bring household items as gifts, much like a wedding shower. However, in an apartment and at a younger age, that norm is slightly different. Don’t expect your guests to bring gifts unless you explicitly ask for them, which I would discourage.

Don’t…Invite too many guests

Remember, you live in an apartment! That means there may not be tons of space for a huge party. Keep your space limitations in mind when inviting friends so that everyone can have a good time comfortably.


At the end of the day, a housewarming party is a way to share an exciting accomplishment with those you love (and a way to give back to the friends that helped you move!). Keep it fun, easy, and stress-free for yourself by planning ahead and keeping the party simple.

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    • Sarah Sarah

      It definitely is a perk, but you don’t want to look like a gift-grabber! Something I’ve seen work well is to build out an Amazon or store wishlist of apartment items you need. If / when a guest asks if you need anything, you can send the list along!