Beyond Craigslist: Beginner’s Guide to Finding Rental Listings

There is a lot of research that goes into finding rental listings, but luckily there are also plenty of resources you can use to find a perfect place to live. You just have to take the time look and utilize both online and offline resources to see what’s out there. Here are a few places where I found a lot of rental options when I was getting ready for my recent move.


This is a great resource with great visuals. It gives you the opportunity to filter what is within your budget and how many spaces are available in your area. There are pictures included as well for some listings. This is the perfect resource if you want it all on one site.


Similiar to Trulia, it has the same visual and filter format, which can be helpful if you are looking for a new apartment. It shows all your options and the costs. I have had a lot of luck looking on Zillow and find it to be a dependable source.


If it used to work back in the day, then it certainly is still valid now. Sometimes, real gems are hiding in the classifieds. Of course, there isn’t the typical visual presentation like in new apps but give the classifieds a chance and pick up the phone if you see an ad that interests you. There is no harm in trying.


Tried and true. Using a realtor as a resource is helpful when you want to get a better idea of what is in the area and see if there are any options that you have missed elsewhere. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t sign anything. If you sign a contract of some sort, you may have to pay a fee – as much as 12-15% of annual rent in some markets – to the realtor for their assistance. Keep it an open conversation as opposed to committing to a formal contract and make sure you understand when the broker’s fee meter starts ticking.

Ask Around and Network

Always use your co-workers, friends and family as a resource when looking for a new place. You never know who is looking for a roommate or who has fresh leads to available rental apartments.

Neighborhood Bulletin Boards

In smaller markets you can often find bulletin boards in local supermarkets and coffee houses where people post ads about available rooms or apartments. This is another apartment hunting resource that is often overlooked.


Ok, we said beyond Craigslist, but, of course, you’ll also check out this granddaddy of all apartment listings. When you do, use our previous posts to make the most of it, starting with  5 tips to make your search more efficient and how to make good impression on potential roommates.

Happy Hunting! Let us know in comment below how you found your apartment.

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