Buying Furniture: Where Do I Start?

Honestly, buying furniture is usually the biggest expense when you are finding your first place. You essentially have nothing unless you find something on Craigslist or if your parents have a whole apartment set lying around their attic. You start from square one. It is crucial to take your budget into consideration and know that you don’t have to buy it all at once. Of course, it would be comforting to have a fully furnished apartment right away but what fun would that be? Here are some tips and sites that I used for my furniture hunt.


  • Order your mattress ahead of time so that it is delivered within days of your move-in and so you can kiss that air mattress goodbye!
  • Stay within your budget
  • Shop around! Don’t be pressured to buy that one item on that specific site. You might find it somewhere else for even cheaper!
  • Always check online for coupons and discounts before heading to the store or ordering online.
  • Think what items friends or family could give you, so that you don’t have to purchase those items? Maybe a relative has an old table or couch that they want to get rid of. Always use your family network – it can be a great resource.
  • Find furniture that can work in your current apartment and future apartments.
  • Don’t rush. Seriously.

Helpful Sites + Places:

  1. Target – Always reliable and their items are affordable. You have options to shop online and in store. Magic!
  2. – Finally got into this site and they have some amazing pieces for a reasonable price. In addition, they deliver in a timely manner. From my experience, their furniture pieces have been easy to put together, as well.
  3. IKEA – Affordable and dynamic pieces, great for a first apartment!
  4. Raymour & Flanigan – Some of their items may be pricey but if you want more sturdy and reliable furniture, this could be your most affordable route.
  5. Pier 1 – Once again, it is on the pricy side but they have some unique pieces and their store also carries decorative items, such as wall art and curtains.  And plenty of  wine glasses that you probably don’t need but want anyways.
  6. Urban Outfitters – Surprisingly they have an apartment section hidden on their site. It includes bedding, furniture, decor, and storage. Really unique items but can be on the expensive side!
  7. Your Local Goodwill and Other Thrift Stores – Some of these sites have furniture that others have donated. If you look carefully enough, you may find a hidden gem of a coffee table or nightstand!
  8. Local Flea Markets – Once again, you never know when you’ll find a gem. Sometimes it’s hit or miss but there’s no harm in looking
  9. Consignment Stores – Same situation, but there is no harm in looking!

Photo Credit: Target


Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters


Photo: Housing Works Thrift Shop in NYC

As I said before, don’t rush. Take your time and find items that you truly love and that can be adaptable in any apartment. You want to make a good investment in the furniture you buy. Sometimes it may be worth to spend that extra dollar so that you can avoid buying the same piece twice within 2 years. Now go and get furniture happy (within your budget of course!)…

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