Tricks to Save Time On Your Apartment Hunt

One of the most common sayings about success is that “Time is Money!” That couldn’t be more true, especially as you try to learn and be successful in your work environment. But, it also applies to your everyday life! Time spent wasted on one task could be used productively on another. That brings us to your apartment hunt!

It’s easy to spend hours and hours scouring websites for apartment listings, browsing through photos, and researching price points. While those are things you’ll need to do before selecting an apartment, here are a few tricks to help you work SMARTER, not HARDER, saving you precious time!

Set a specific time to research every day, and don’t run over

This may be the best advice to make sure you use your time wisely. As I said, it’s easy to fall into the black hole of the internet and spend far more time than you wanted to researching or browsing. Instead, set a specific 30 minute or 1-hour block every day, dedicated to your hunt.

Set a timer, then turn your cell phone on silent, close down other tabs in your browser, and dedicate yourself to apartment research. Once that timer goes off, save the apartments that interest you and move on to a different task.

Pick up where you left off the next day, instead of trying to absorb too much information and wasting an entire afternoon!

Save apartments that interest you

Whether it’s bookmarking websites to your browser, jotting down the address and landlord’s contact information in a dedicated notebook, or using apartment websites to track, be sure to save the apartments that you are interested in as well as keeping notes on what you liked about it. That way, you have a list of apartments to consider (and narrow down the list!) plus detail behind why you would want to live there.

This will help keep you organized, and save you valuable time. Instead of having to re-research the same place, you can reference your saved apartments and notes.

Book apartment showings ASAP instead of letting lists build up

When you find apartments that truly interest you, book showings with the landlord or leasing company! Instead of growing to a list of 5 or 10 apartments, book showings at those that really look like a good fit online.

Not only will visiting the apartment give you a better perspective on if you’d like to live there, but it will also show the landlord that you are interested, which could give you a better chance of getting the apartment later on.

Be as selective as possible

When saving apartments online and booking showings, be as selective as you can! Use concrete target lists (size, rent cost, utilities costs, etc.) to narrow down your search. If an apartment is out of your price range, too far from work or school, or is too big/small, don’t waste your time on it.

Remember, however, that some apartments will look better in person than online, so try not to narrow on appearance alone.

Using these tips, you can lead a time-effective apartment hunt without wasting your most valuable asset.

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