Do You NEED Roommates?

With graduation and moving season around the corner, there are tons of people in the market for their very first apartment. One of the most fun parts of living alone is the independence you gain. From managing your monthly bills and making meals to locking up for vacation, living alone will teach you a lot about yourself and what you’re capable of. But, when you start looking for your first place, a major question will come up…Do you need roommates?

Ask yourself these questions as you make start to make a decision about if you’d like a roommate or not.

1. Can you afford to live alone?

Finding an apartment with roommates is a quick and easy way to cut down monthly costs. Not only do you split your monthly rent payment, but you will also likely split all utilities (water, electricity), cable, Internet, and any other monthly fees. If you’re on a tight budget or moving to an expensive city, you most likely have to live with a roommate no matter what.

If you’re prefer not to live with a roommate, be very strict with your budget and savings pre-move so you will be ready to pay any big bills solo.

2. Will you be lonely living alone?

For you social butterflies, living alone may be a scary thought! If you love to be around people, living with a friend could be an awesome bet. That way, you have a built-in friend to come home to each night. However, if you’re less likely to be social outside your apartment, it is also a good idea to consider living with a roommate who may help you get out of your comfort zone from time to time.

3. Are affordable small apartments available?

Living alone generally means you won’t need a lot of space (and probably means you can’t afford a lot of space, either!) so before making any final decisions, check out the market in the city you’d like to live in. If most available units are duplexes, houses, or large apartments, you may need to find a roommate or two to split the space and the cost. Even if smaller apartments are available, the area may be so expensive that you cannot afford any size apartment on your own.

However, if you’re lucky to be moving to a city or location with lots of affordable studio and one-bedroom apartments, you may be able to live alone without a roommate.

4. Do you feel safe living alone in the area you’d like? 

Finally, some feel more safe and secure about living with a roommate versus living alone. In either case, be sure to select a town/city/suburb where you feel safe no matter what. If having a roommate adds a second layer of comfort no matter where you live, start looking!

While most of “NEEDING” a roommate comes down to finances, there are a few other questions to think over before making a final decision. What are your thoughts on roommates? Did you need one when you moved into your first apartment?

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