Roommate Dilemma: What to Do If You’re Sharing a Room and Losing Sleep

Angry man closing ears with pillowHaving a hard time sleeping when you’re sharing a room? It’s more common of a problem than you think! Sometimes our schedules are too different, or one person’s snoring is enough to keep the other up all night staring at the ceiling. But lack of sleep hinders on our productivity, the ability for us to handle stress, and isn’t great for our overall health. But what can we do if we have nowhere else to sleep? Check out these tips below if your roommate’s nighttime habits are causing you to lose zzzz’s and get back to dreaming!

Try to establish “quiet hours” if one of you is a light sleeper

One suggestion I would make when you first start sharing a room with your roommate is to talk about setting a general time when you reduce the amount of noise for the evening. During those quiet hours, remember to switch to headphones for listening to music or Netflix, use your phone’s light to navigate through the room, and be careful not to slam any doors! Establishing this ahead of time prevents many annoyances and cranky arguments the next day, believe me!

Check out sleep aid apps for drowning out your roommate’s snoring/sleep talking

Woman sleepingSometimes all we need is some background noise to close ourselves off from the outside world so we can drift to sleep. One app I highly recommend for this purpose is “White Noise”. It has over 42 different sounds to listen to from ocean waves crashing and raindrops on pavement, to white noise and fans blowing. Pop in a pair of headphones, turn on the app and you wouldn’t even notice the snoring coming from one bed over! Rather not drain your phone battery? Try using a fan at night to drown out noise.

Invest in a comfortable couch or air mattress if all else fails

While sleeping in our own bed is the ideal situation, sometimes we just have to move to another location in the house to get some sleep. It might be a good idea to skip on the modern trendy looking couch for something comfortable and roomy to sleep on. You can also invest in an air mattress similar to this one on Amazon. It inflates within a few minutes and comes with a built in pump!

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