Easy Ways to Eat More Veggies and Promote Healthy Living

Part of moving into your first apartment is realizing that not only is your living situation in your control, but so is your nutrition…meaning no one is forcing you to eat your veggies! No more home-cooked meals waiting for you on the table or dining hall convenience! Healthy living is up to you. The good news is that this is an awesome opportunity to have some fun learning how to cook and prepare foods that you like. However, it’s also crucial to make sure you get proper nutrition and make healthy choices, which of course, includes eating vegetables! Check out a few ways to incorporate veggies into your daily routine without breaking your habits or budget!

Fresh vegetables

  • Add a handful of spinach or greens to your morning protein shakefresh vegetables - variety of veggies
    • Blend together the spinach, frozen fruit, and protein powder with milk or water
  • Pack healthy snacks for your mid-morning and afternoon hunger
    • Use plastic baggies or plastic containers to package carrots, celery, cucumbers, or bell peppers on the go
  • Prepare or choose a salad for lunch 2-3 days a week for work lunches
    • Try adding other vegetables you like to your salads for an extra serving of vegetables (plus a more interesting lunch!)
  • Always have salad-fixings in your fridge (romaine, spinach, or salad mix) to make quick salads to include in your dinner
  • Find a few easy recipes to cook up on weeknights, like roasted squash and sweet potatoes or quickly sauteed Swiss chard

Canned vegetables

Canned vegetables are such a fantastic addition in your pantry! Stock up on your favorites, which only cost around a dollar per can, because they will save you when you’re trying to bulk up your veggie canned vegetables - veggiesintake! Watch for low-sodium options, since canned vegetables can be packed with salt, but otherwise they are a great way to quickly and easily add vegetables to your day. Some yummy ideas…

  • Green beans
  • Peas
  • Carrots
  • Corn
  • Asparagus

Again, try to get as many green vegetables as possible in your day. Currently, I eat about a half-can of low-sodium green beans each night (split with my roommate), which just requires dumping the can into a small saucepan and heating it up for 2 minutes. So easy!

mixed vegetables

Steamed vegetables

When you think about convenience and healthy options, steamed vegetables are a crucial add-on to your freezer. Many different providers sell frozen vegetables in steam-able bags, meaning all you have to do is pop the frozen vegetable bag in your microwave and heat it for a few minutes. The result is delicious steamed vegetables to eat plain, toss in salads, or saute with meats or pasta.

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