Apartment New Year’s Resolutions: What Works and What Doesn’t?

Goals for 2017 listSomething about the beginning of a new year makes many people giddy for change, and I am no different! I’m using this January as a chance to refocus on the things that are most important to me. Last year, my New Year’s resolutions were not specific at all, which made them easy to forget. So this year, I’ve amended them to be very specific and not too difficult; they are goals that can be reached with small changes. 2016 resolutions are in bold, 2017 updates are in italics.

What’s on my list to REALLY accomplish throughout this New Year?

1. Keep my apartment clean by tackling small messes every day and not leaving clutter overnight

2. Host get-togethers with friends and family at my place at least once per month, plus two big parties

3. Spend more time outside and walk my two dogs at least three times per week (I’m spoiled with a fenced back yard, but the pups love exercise too!)

4. Practice yoga and exercise to calm my mind by attending kickboxing classes 4 times per week and waking up 30 minutes earlier 3 days per week to practice yoga

5. Keep learning to cook and be adventurous in the kitchen and use Pinterest to find creative, healthy recipes for dinner 5 nights per week

6. Build out my savings account by moving $X per month into my personal account and $X per month into my investment account

7. Plan a 2017 vacation to occur before the end of the year without breaking the budget

Here’s what I learned last year: If you don’t make an action plan, it’s not going to happen! Once you narrow down your list to half a dozen or so items (like the above), spend some time thinking through how to make each of them happen. That way, the goal is more concrete (less vague) and easier to complete and track. Here’s an example of my action plans:

Keep my apartment clean

  • Daily: Pick up work bag, clean kitchen after dinner, fold and re-position throw blanket/couch pillows before bed
  • Weekly: Sweep the floors, wipe down the kitchen, vacuum the apartment
  • Monthly: Clean the toilet, shower, and bathtub, dust living room and bedroom (including knick-knacks), mop the floor

Breaking up the big goals into small steps to do every day make them that much easier to complete (and not fall to the wayside) throughout the rest of the year! Any other tips for following through with New Year’s Resolutions? List them in the comments!

Check out this article for a schedule of changes to make, and this one for a few other ideas!

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