Smart Questions to Ask Your Potential Landlord

Smart caribbean woman with blue shirt in cinema lookBrowsing through apartments can be overwhelming! After seeing one or two, the features start to run together, making it hard to differentiate what you liked about one or the other. When I was on the hunt for my last place I looked at so many apartments online that my head started spinning. However, it’s important to stay focused to find the right place.

When you find an apartment you are interested in renting, take these questions to your potential future landlord to really learn about your apartment. (If this is the first time you are apartment hunting, get ready by reading our Complete Guide to Dealing with Landlords.)


  1. When was the apartment last renovated?
  2. If carpeted, when was the carpet last replaced?
  3. Can the interior be painted? What are rules for painted walls at the end of the lease?
  4. How many holes (and of what size) can be drilled into each wall to avoid fines?
  5. What’s the best way to bring in big furniture?


  1. What TV service is recommended in the area? Are any providers not allowed?
  2. If a gym is included in the rent cost, when was it last renovated? How large is it? What equipment is included?
  3. If a pool is included, how long is it open during the summer?
  4. What social events does the apartment complex host each year?
  5. Is there a doorman? If so, what are the hours?


  1. How is traffic in the morning? How long does it take to get to X location during rush hours?
  2. How busy is the area around the apartment?
  3. Are there any elementary/middle/high schools nearby?
  4. Are there any restaurants, parks, or other activities within walking distance?
  5. Where is the closest public transport station?
  6. Where are the closest fire and police stations? (Thanks Danielle for excellent addition in comments!)

If their answers to your questions are suitable, continue the discussion! Maybe this one is your new home! If not, take your business elsewhere. The perfect apartment is out there! What other questions have you found useful to ask your landlord before selecting an apartment?

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  1. Avatar Danielle Ruggiero

    Should also ask where the closest police station/fire station is. I didn’t know that was such a big thing to some people! Coming from a small town, no one was ever more then 3 miles away from the stations so it was never a big thing until I moved near boston lol