9 Great Things About Moving In With Your SO

Moving in with your Significant Other (SO) is a big decision that should not be made lightly. Both members of the relationship should talk through the pro’s and con’s and be sure to set out boundaries and expectations before signing a lease.

However, once the decision is made and the ink is dry, here are 9 things to enjoy about living with your SO!

9. Cooking meals together 

Couple In KitchenThis is one of my favorite things to do as a couple. From scouring recipes to hitting the grocery store to turning on some music and cooking in the kitchen, cooking with your SO is much more fun than flying solo! Plus, there is a great feeling of satisfaction to sit down to a homemade meal together.

8. No excuse to binge-watch “your” show without them

For you TV-watching couples, there is a huge perk built-in to living together. Now, there’s no excuse to get ahead in the show you watch together, because you both come home to the same place every night! Try getting into a cadence of watching 1 or 2 episodes together to wind down at night.

7. Ease of making plans in person

Guess what? Making plans is 100% easier when you’re talking to your SO face-to-face instead of over text or the phone. Instead of trying to coordinate weekend plans during the workday, wait and discuss them together when you’re both home at your apartment.

6. Splitting the rent 50/50

Another concrete perk of living with your SO is being able to split your rent and utilities payments! That means you can each spend less money on a 1 bedroom apartment or upgrade to a 2+ bedroom apartment for a price both of you are comfortable paying.

5. Learning their likes & dislikes…to a new level

Female couple taking a selfie using a mobile phoneYou may know your SO well, but I promise you will learn more about them in the first week of living together than you would have ever thought possible! From funny habits to particularities, their true personality will shine once you both are settled and calling the same place “home.” Look forward to these little moments of enlightenment!

4. Starting new traditions together

From making the bed every morning to volunteering one day a month to decorating for holidays, now is the time for you and your SO to start fun traditions together. Make your apartment feel homey and enjoy the time together.

3. Feeling like family

Male couple sitting with their pet dogOne of the best benefits of living with your SO is that they become more and more like family every day. Whether you live near or far from your true relatives, it is comforting to know that your SO will care for and about you every day.

2. Coming home to your best friend

Nothing beats a reason to come home happy, and having your SO there is certainly a great reason to do so.

1. Becoming more certain that they are “the one” (or not)

I am a true believer that living with your SO will force you to understand if they are “the one” for you…or if they are not! From learning their habits and annoyances to sharing great moments together, there is not much room to escape in a small apartment. Use this time to test out your relationship and ensure it’s one you want to be in for the long-term.

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