4 Perks of Renting From a Small Company

Apartment for Rent SignMany apartments are owned by a large leasing company that owns many different apartment complexes. My very first apartment was one of those, meaning I passed the leasing office every morning on my way out, saw multiple other complexes owned by the same company in my area, and it was easy to drop in at any time with questions or needs.

My current apartment, however, is rented through a small, family-owned company. Thus far, it has been a fantastic experience! Although these perks depend on your landlord, there are definitely positive aspects of renting from a small organization.

1. Flexibility

One of the greatest things about renting from a small company is the flexibility they often provide in your apartment’s design, like colors, accents, and fixtures. Since smaller companies often buy an assortment of properties to rent out (versus an entire complex of apartments or townhouses like larger companies), they have more flexibility to make each space unique. If you have specific wants, bring them up to your landlord after signing your lease!

I found my apartment while my small rental company was completely renovating it. After signing my lease, I offered my opinion on the color laminate flooring I liked and got to provide input on the light fixtures. My landlord was super flexible and actually went with my suggestions, making my apartment feel more like home.

2. Availability 

Although a leasing office feels convenient, I’ve enjoyed having a single point of contact for issues and requests. My landlord is only a phone call or text away at all times and is generally willing to chat on nights or weekends if we have a serious problem. If your landlord is not responsive, it can become a problem but generally landlords within a small company depend on your “business” for their personal income and want to keep you happy in your place.

3. High quality tenants

urlMany smaller property leasing companies require potential tenants to undergo strict background checks and screening before they approve an application. That high level of selectivity means that most of your neighbors should be good people, and landlords often consider their tenants’ temperaments and try to build the best community possible. Remember, it’s in their interest to keep you in their apartment for as long as possible, so tenants that get along well are a benefit for all.

Our leasing company required an official background check before approving our application. They also searched about us online and looked through public social media sites (especially Facebook) to make sure my bf and I weren’t wild partiers or into any sketchy activity. Keep this in mind when applying for apartments!

4. Feeling of family

The best part about renting from a small company is the feeling of family that comes along with it. While there may be some drawbacks to living outside an apartment or townhouse community, small leasing companies generally take extra steps to make sure their tenants feel welcome and cared for.

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