How To Create a “Mini Water Garden” in Your Apartment

img_4899Okay, I hear you. “Water garden?!” From someone who struggles to keep any plant alive, I was looking for plants that take minimal maintenance but have the vibrant green color I was hoping to bring into my apartment. Unfortunately, most plants require ample sunlight, which limits my options since my windows don’t have huge window-sills on which to place them. Even my attempts at raising succulents (allegedly impossible to kill!) had failed.

So…meet my water garden. These takes absolutely no maintenance, limited sunshine, and have thrived since I “planted” them. If you’d like to make a few of your own to bring some color indoors, follow the below steps!


group of elegant glass vases1. Find cheap, small vases or jars. 

Look for tall vases to give your stems upright support. I preferred the more slender vases to really put focus on the greenery, but choose any to your liking. My biggest tip her: Check your local thrift stores first! I was able to find 5 great vases for less than $5, and after a quick rinse, they all looked good as new.

2. Locate greenery from indoor houseplants. 

I lucked out here because my office building has hundreds of greenery plants inside, and I was able to snip a few stems on my way out of the office one day. Check your local plant store (think Pike’s, Home Depot, or Lowe’s) and ask the manager if you’re able to clip a few steps from their houseplant section. If not, find a cheap houseplant and bring it home with you! (Yes, in the store these will be planted in soil. Just trust me that this is going to work!)

2016-10-27_17-04-043. Fill your vases with water, and plop your greenery in!


  • Use long stems that reach almost to the bottom of your vases
  • Trim any leaves that fall below the water line
  • Ensure all visible roots are below water at all times

THAT’S IT! No soil, no mess, no watering them every day…I promise, these will be the easiest plants you’ve ever had! Position them where they receive some natural light and make sure the vases are filled every now and then. I scattered them around my house to bring in a pop of green, and I smile every time one catches my eye!
After a few weeks, your water garden will begin to sprout more roots and (hopefully) your greenery will grow longer over time! If it becomes too unwieldy, you can always trim the excess and create a new vase (or gift it to a friend).

For other plants that thrive in apartment spaces, check out my fellow blogger Kalee’s post.

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