Cool Tech For Your First Apartment’s Holiday Wish-List

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve likely noticed the technology takeover our world is experiencing. From new phones to fitness trackers and other devices, our personal space is generally inundated with cool tech.

While you may be tapped out on the personal devices you can use (aka you already have what you need to live a tech-savvy life), there are plenty of ways to upgrade your apartment with cool technology that will both impress your friends and make your life a little easier. With the holidays just around the corner, here are a few ideas of great techy items to add to your wish-list or to gift to your roommate or friend in their first place.

Bluetooth Speaker

My bluetooth speaker is one of my best friends. Look for one that’s portable (meaning a reasonably small size) which will save you a lot of hassle without sacrificing on sound quality. At this point, the sound quality for most portable speakers is pretty fantastic, so don’t feel the need to splurge too greatly unless you’re a quality snob (no judgement).  We like this Dknight MagicBox, as low as $45 on Amazon.


If you’re looking for an in-home stereo system, consider the smaller speaker first. Remember, you’re likely to move out of your first place into a new one (and likely move multiple times), so make sure to think through the moving process.

Home Security Monitoring

Alarm systems aren’t what your grandma used anymore! While older alarm systems required severe installation and high costs (making them a poor fit for apartment renters), there are now plenty of tech-focused solutions. Companies like Nest let you monitor your place with your smartphone and companies like LiveWatch allow you to easily install a few wireless pieces of monitoring equipment around the house (get your landlord’s permission first) and charges a small monthly fee for their monitoring service.

Hand holding key (with key hole)

Be sure to confirm with your landlord that they allow home monitoring, watch out for long contracts from providers, and when selecting a provider confirm that the equipment is wireless and easy to transport to your next place.

Single Serve Coffee Maker

Single serve coffee makers (one popular brand is Keurig) make a great addition to an apartment, especially if you live alone or with roommates that won’t share a full pot of coffee with you. Plus, the K-Cups make it easy to switch out coffee flavors to truly have a coffee bar in your first place. Prices range for additional features, but the simple original model does the trick without high cost ($70 on Amazon). For even lower cost, check other brands online (read reviews before purchasing)!


Plus, to limit wastefulness from single-serve coffee cups, consider this reusable filter for $5 that pairs with the maker. Just scoop in your favorite coffee grounds and brew like normal.

Precision Cooker (Sous Vide)

This little baby does the cooking while you de-stress after a hard day at work. The way this cooker works is that you put your ingredients into a sealed plastic bag, immerse the bag in a pot of water that has been heated to an exact temperature by your the sous vide device. The device maintains the water at the desired temperature and cooks the food perfectly, every time. There are many brands available, one highly rated one is the $149 Anova. Your smartphone does the heavy lifting of setting the temperature and timing.



Automatic Vacuum Cleaner (Roomba)

If you have a budget to really splurge,  consider adding an automatic vacuum cleaner to your holiday wish-list. This Roomba will be fun to watch as it works through your apartment, but it is pricy at $325.


What else do you have on your high-tech wish list for your first place?

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