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Group Of Friends Making A Toast At Dinner PartyOne of my favorite things about having my own place is being able to host friends. From weekend getaways to dinner parties, it’s important to be considerate and ensure your guests are comfortable when they’re in your apartment. Casual group of friends or not, it’s nice to be thoughtful when hosting. Whether hosting a holiday dinner party, game night, or afternoon football-watch, keep these tips in mind to ensure your guests have a comfortable time.

Plan the party space

Remove extra furniture

Even in a small apartment, you’ll want a good flow of space. If you have a lot of extra furniture or other bulky items (stacks of files, storage baskets, etc.) in the party space, move them out for the party day. Bathtub behind the shower curtain is a good storage spot, or if you have a friend in your building, move some items to their apartment while you borrow from them couple of chairs.

Lower the temperature 2-3 degrees

An influx of people into your space means the temperature will increase (especially in smaller apartments). Nothing is worse than being physically uncomfortable in a friend’s place! Most guests will want to be polite while secretly sweating it out. To combat this common issue, turn your thermostat down a couple of degrees before your friends arrive. That way, you are less likely to have guests who are too hot. Keep an eye on your guests throughout the night, though. If people start asking to borrow a sweater, you likely turned it down a little too low!

Plan for food/drinks

Figure out in advance where you want to set up your drinks area and where you want to serve the food. Make sure you have enough glasses or plastic cups for drinks and enough serving dishes, plates and silverware for the food.  Paper goods are fine for a casual affair or large group, but if you are hosting a small dinner party try to use matching place settings, if possible, to show that you care.  And don’t forget to run your dishwasher earlier in the day so it’s ready when you need it.

Even if you’re hosting a casual gathering, potluck, or BYOB event, make sure to provide the basics, like filtered water (tap, Brita, or bottled) and a soda or juice option. Gatherings are also always made better with snacks, so set out some cheese and crackers, a fruit or vegetable tray, or other small appetizer to show hospitality while catering to hungry guests. Again, these don’t have to be fancy of expensive treats, but they do show that you have been thoughtful about the gathering.

Cook ahead of time

If you are cooking a meal or appetizers, try to get as much done ahead of time as possible. It can be awkward for guests if their host/hostess is slaving away in the kitchen while they sip drinks on the sofa. Plus, being prepared ahead will allow you to enjoy the event as well. And finally, limiting the use of your oven while you have guests will help control your apartment’s temperature.

Check out here for more party planning tips and share yours in the comments!

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