6 Things You Need to Clean ASAP

Unless you keep your apartment completely spotless at all times, these six places have probably been unattended (for whatever length of time…yikes!). Take a little time before the holiday entertaining season kicks in, to pay attention to some of these places you have neglected since moving in!


1. Baseboards

Over time, your baseboards get nasty! Dirt, grime, pet hair…the list goes on and on. This may feel like a silly task, but a quick wipe-down with a soapy-water will have them shining in no time. Take a close look at yours before and then enjoy the subtle difference once you’re done!

2. Refrigerator shelves

Even if you get rid of old food the day is expires and keep all leftovers in tightly sealed plastic, you’ve probably forgotten to give the shelves a wipe-down every now and then. Take out all of your food and use mild dish detergent/water solution to wipe clean each shelf in the main fridge and the door. Then put a box of baking soda in the back to absorb all the future odors. Finally, while you are at it, vacuum the coils in the back of the fridge for more efficient cooling.

3. Walls

Over time, the paint on your walls can get dingy with dirt and dust, especially in places that see high traffic, like near doors and windows. Use a duster or Swiffer and wipe down all of the walls in your apartment…you’ll be surprised at what you find there!

4. Beneath furniture

Carpet or hardwoods, underneath furniture can get really NASTY, often because it is neglected over time. Using your vacuum cleaner or mop, reach under your sofa, TV console, kitchen table, chairs (everything!!) and take time to clean the entire thing.

5. Kitchen sink

Your sink is known as the germiest part of your entire kitchen! As frequently as you can, take a couple of minutes to disinfect the surfaces using bleach-based cleaning agent. Make sure to follow all package instructions and rinse your sink before putting dishes or utensils in it, but be sure to kill all the germs!aid193627-728px-slide-it-onto-step-2

6. Ceiling fans

If you haven’t noticed yet, be prepared to see something you’ll never be able to un-see! The blades of your ceiling fan are COVERED in dust! Over time, the blades will grow a thick layer of dust on the top side and at their edges, which can be visible from down below. For a quick and clean fix, use the hose of your vacuum cleaner. Reach the hose up and suck the dust right off the blades and the edges, leaving your fan looking bright and new. Repeat that process for all of the blades on each fan in your house!

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