9 Easy, Healthy Snacks To Keep In Your Apartment

I’ve found that they key to eating healthy is focusing on keeping healthy food within reach! Here are my favorite healthy snacks to keep on-hand to make sure your health goals stay on track. The trick here is to try to get as much fresh food as you can (aka avoid processed snacks like chips, pretzels or fake-healthy granola bars and stick with fruits and vegetables) while spicing up flavors with items you already have in your pantry or refrigerator. Plus, they’re cheap, easy, and most involve a non-perishable item, meaning a few purchases can go a long way!

1. Apples & peanut butter. It’s very worth it to cut the apple into slices before chowing down!

2. Almonds. This nut may be a little more expensive, but try buying in bulk to limit costs. 


3. Veggies with dressing. I go with classic carrots and celery with a pre-portioned spoonful of ranch dressing.


4. Banana. Very cheap and easy to bring along if necessary!


5. Oatmeal. A quarter-cup of oatmeal makes a very satisfying snack…not just for breakfast! Add fruit, a squeeze of chocolate syrup, or honey for some additional flavor.


6. Veggies with hummus. Hummus goes bad faster than you think, so choose one you love and eat up!


7. Favorite berries. Berries are great for you, and delicious too! If you don’t eat them fast enough, freeze the leftovers for use later.


8. Popcorn. Avoid the buttered flavors and stick to more natural providers for this treat.


9. Bell peppers. For some crunch, try slices of bell peppers as a fun snack.


As you start living a more healthy lifestyle, try to start with how you fuel your body! Avoid purchasing sugary or processed foods at the store, which will decrease your opportunity to eat them at home. Instead, focus purchases on “real,” unprocessed foods that are easy to cook and eat. Your body will thank you!

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