5 Ways to Stay Active In Your First Apartment

Determined Fit Young Man Doing Planking ExerciseWe’re learning more and more that activity is crucial for a healthy life, but as it gets darker and colder outside it’s hard to get motivated to go to the gym. After moving out on your own, having long days at work, and being completely self-sufficient, it’s easy and common for exercise to feel like a lower priority. If exercise feels too arduous at this point, try a few of the ideas below to live a more active lifestyle. Who knows, maybe after a few months of being more active you’ll feel to motivation to hit the gym and commit to regular exercise as well!

Take walks

u8hk0ybfqzqmajuwebfx_taking-a-walkWalking is one of the more under-rated forms of activity. It is SO good for your body, plus it’s good time to take for yourself. Whether you pop in earbuds and walk around the block a couple times during lunch hour or head for a hike or walk through a local nature center, you’ll likely enjoy some quiet time away from major distractions at home or work.  If you have a walk-able pet, take them along so they can benefit from exercise as well.

Clean your place often

Cleaning your apartment is also a very productive form of activity. From vacuuming the floors to dusting surfaces, cleaning out junk or Tupperware drawers, and wiping down windows, you’re sure to break a little sweat from moving around. Whether you do this once weekly or up it to two or more times, your apartment and your health will both be thanking you!

Wake up early on the weekends

I definitely enjoy sleeping in wherever possible, but now that I’m in a work routine, sleeping in makes me feel lethargic, slow, and tired throughout the day. Instead, I’ve tried waking up early (fine, earliER) to make the most out of my weekends. Waking up earlier provides more time in the day to run errands, exercise, clean, walk, see friends and family…and overall gives you extra time in your weekend! Feeling productive on the weekends is a very motivating experience, and getting in more activity is good for your health.

Use your apartment as a gym

Woman exercise at home.Check out this post to get great workout and exercise ideas you can complete without even leaving your apartment! After stretching and jumping jacks to warm up, try a circuit of 8 different exercises (work for :45 seconds, rest for :10 seconds then move to your next exercise). Repeat the circuit twice for a strength-building, at-home workout!

Don’t forget to set activity goals (i.e. Go for 4 walks per week) and let your smart phone track your progress!

Join a gym or take group fitness classes 

If you’re feeling motivated, try out a few different gyms or fitness classes. Whether you’re into yoga, cardio class, or kickboxing, there are tons of gyms out there that offer what you’re interested in. Try ClassPass or a similar service to try a few different gyms and then commit to your favorite!

Before doing any of this, invest in some comfortable exercise clothing. Your comfort will make a huge difference in your motivation to be active! Try stores like Old Navy, that offer comfortable, stylish exercise gear at very reasonable prices.

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