7 Items You’ll Need on Your Move-In Day

Hispanic Couple Moving Into New Home TogetherIf you’ve found your perfect apartment and you’ve signed your new lease, congratulations. Now the move-in day is fast approaching. If this is your first apartment, you most likely don’t yet have everything that you’ll eventually need for your apartment. There are, however, a seven  items you should already have on hand to make your move-in day easier and less stressful. Pack these items in a separate box and place on the kitchen counter so you’ll know where to find them.

1. Drinks and Snacks

Couple Moving Into New Home Enjoying Takeaway MealYou’ll be busy moving in your belongings and probably won’t have much time to think about eating, but you’ll definitely need keep your energy up. Make sure you have drinks and snacks for you and your moving helpers. It’s always good to have quick and easily accessible things like bottled water and sports drinks like Powerade or Gatorade, and some fruit and energy bars. (Beer and pizza will will be your reward at the end of the day!)

2. Cleaning Supplies

Close-up of woman's hands holding bucket full of cleanersYour landlord should have had the apartment cleaned before your move-in date, but it’s always smart to have cleaning supplies (paper towels, spray cleaner, disinfectant spray) to wipe down and sanitize kitchen and bathroom surfaces. You’ll also want a broom and dustpan to clean up any dust or debris caused from moving your belongings into the apartment.

3. Bathroom supplies

You’ll need toilet tissue, soap, and hand towels.

4. Lightbulbs

Most apartments come with lightbulbs already installed in the overhead fixtures but not always. Plus, you may need new lightbulbs in your lamps, so make sure you have these on hand for your first night in your new apartment.

5. Flashlight

Make sure you have a working flashlight that you can use to check out closets, cabinets and under sinks, before you start moving in your things. Flashlight is an absolute must if you’ll be arriving at your new place after dark.

6. Batteries and chargers

Have some batteries and all your necessary chargers on hand.  At the end of a long day, you don’t want to be rummaging through boxes to look for your phone charger or for batteries for your television remote when you are finally ready to kick back and relax.

7. First aid kit

First Aid Kit 2You never know when you may need a bandage, gauze, or pain relief medicine, especially on a busy day when you’re unloading furniture and unpacking boxes. A first aid kit is another apartment essential that you definitely need to have handy on move-in day.

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