Maximizing Your Studio Apartment Space

Studio apartments are often the perfect choice for your first place! They are cheaper than one-bedrooms, and are often the only affordable choice if roommate living is not for you. The only problem? “Studio” can also mean “SMALL”! Not to worry, though. Follow these tips to make your studio apartment feel just the right size for you!

Before Move-In

  • Avoid getting large furniture that takes up lots of space

Your great aunt’s armoire may be beautiful (and free!), but large pieces in a small space can make it feel crowded and cramped. Instead, look for slimmer pieces and clean lines to ensure your furniture fits well together and fits snugly in your new place without overwhelming the walls. If you like lighter furniture (white, cream, light brown), consider focusing on those to continue the appearance of a larger space.

  • Look for multi-purpose furniture

Depending on the size of your space, look for furniture that can serve multiple purposes. Sleeper sofas, fold-down kitchen tables, and Murphy beds are popular choices for studio apartments because they tuck away, providing more space to move around when it’s not bed- or night-time.

  • Purchase only items you really need

Instead of going crazy with your move-in shopping list, try moving in only with things you already have (and use!) and essentials that you need. Buying too much in advance means lots more to move for you, and may also mean some of it won’t get used as you may not have space for everything.

  • Brainstorm ideas online

Use Pinterest and social media to gather ideas of how to best use your space. Consider buying curtains or privacy screens to close off sections of your apartment (although you should wait until move-in to make the purchases!) and use others’ ideas to make your place fun and your own!

During Move-In

  • Be flexible with your furniture arrangements

Even after visiting your studio in advance, you won’t know how your furniture will fit and look before it all gets in there. Before move-in, think through your ideal plan, but be prepared to change it if the bed doesn’t fit perfectly against that wall or if your dining table looks awkward in the space. Take your moving day to move furniture around within your apartment until you find your best placement.

  • DON’T unpack until all furniture is positioned

Following my previous advice, wait to unpack your belongings until you’re sure your furniture is where you want it! It’s much harder to move a full dresser than an empty one!

Post Move-In

  • Learn to utilize your vertical space

Contemporary living room for hipsterIf your studio is in an older building, you may have extra high ceilings. Use the extra space for storage on top of closets and on top of bookcases and hang kitchen pots and pans from racks on the wall.  You can also hang up your sports equipment, even your bike, to free space on the floor.

  • Enjoy your studio!!

Studio apartments are so FUN and easy to take care of as well. Enjoy your new place! Prepping in advance will ensure that you have a smooth move-in and that you maximize the space you have in your first apartment!

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