How to Tell You Have Found Your Perfect Apartment

happy african woman with cardboard boxes at homeWhen you’re apartment hunting, you may look at a lot of places before you find the right one for you. Sometimes you can drive by an apartment, and without even touring the building, know that you need to look elsewhere. Sometimes, however, you may step into an apartment and know right away that you have just found your perfect apartment.

After you have studied Apartment Hunting Terminology and gone through the 52 Item Checklist about the apartment, building and location, here are six signs you have found your apartment:

You can afford the rent.

This is at the top of the list because if you can afford the rent, you will be comfortable paying rent month after month. If the rent is too expensive for you budget, you will be stressed every month when rent is due and worried about how to come up with enough money. In the worst case you might even have to give up your apartment, if the budgets just don’t work out.

You can imagine where your belongings will go.

If you’re hunting for your first apartment, you may not have a lot of things like furniture, rugs, and wall decorations. If, however, you have some of these items, and you step into an apartment and become excited as you envision where your belongings will go, let that excitement build because that apartment may be the best one for you. Even if you have no furniture, it may have just the type of little nook awaiting for a comfy chair that you have always dreamed of having in your own apartment.

You feel comfortable.

In any place you choose to live, you need to feel comfortable. You need to feel comfortable in your actual apartment, in the building, and in the neighborhood. If you’re apartment hunting and you come across one in which you feel comfortable and “at home,” take a hard look because you have probably found your new apartment.

You trust the landlord and/or property management team.

Trust, strong communication, and a respectful relationship with your landlord will help ensure you have a pleasant experience. When you have trust, you have comfort in knowing issues and repairs will be resolved, and you have someone to look out for you if you need help.

You are reasonably close to work.

When you live close to work, with a shorter commute and less traffic you will have less stress in your life. Your commuting costs will be lower and your overall health will be better without daily anxiety attacks about getting to work on time. Also, if you ever get sick at work, you can get home quickly when you live close by.

You are close to activities you enjoy.

Playeer with basketball ballWhen you are close to classes or restaurants or other activities you frequent, you have better opportunities to enjoy these activities. If you’ve had a long, hard day at work or school, you are less likely to drive across town or get back on public transportation, to go to your weekly basketball game or book club you enjoy. When you live close to these activities you’ll be more likely to find the time to enjoy your favorite pastimes, and have a richer and more enjoyable first apartment experience.

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