5 Ways to Welcome Fall in Your First Place

Happy 1st Day of Fall!

Fall is one of the most wonderful times of the year, with the weather getting cool and crisp and leaves changing color, signaling the start of the end of the year. As you’re trying to make your first apartment feel like home, welcome the fall season with some cheesy traditions and soak up every minute.

Open the windows

If you’re in a safe neighborhood (obviously), spend some afternoons with your apartment windows open to let in fresh air! Similar to springtime freshness, fall air has all the benefits minus the humidity! Enjoy the last few weeks of warm weather before getting cooped up inside for winter!

autumn_decorations22_4881_1105970235Make (or buy) a wreath

Wreathes are the most under-rated decor item, in my book. They can be beautiful, festive, and don’t take up too much space in your storage. Instead of going all-out on fall/Halloween/winter holiday decorations, get a good wreath or two that you can interchange throughout the year. If you’re crafty or thrifty, watch a couple tutorials and make your own out of cheap material!

Cook up comfort food

As it starts to get colder, comfort food seems to call your name! Bring out old recipes that remind you of home or find some new ones and spend some time in the kitchen. The smells wafting through your apartment from the oven will be delicious, and the food will be even better.

Important gadgets during the matchHost a Fall party

With the start of the football season plus cooler weather right around the corner, invite some friends over for a get-together! The winter holidays tend to get busy for friend groups, so your party will┬ábe a fun and welcome ‘hurrah!’ before everyone goes into a few months of hibernation.

Clean house

I may sound like a broken record here, but use a little bit of this time to clean up around yourself! Whether it’s going through old clothes and giving some away, throwing away old plasticware that you’ll never use, or exchanging your old nasty linens for a fresh set, take time to assess your things, clean up, and purge. Trust me, it’ll feel great afterwards.

What fall traditions do you stick to in your apartment?

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