5 Bed Frames Perfect for Apartment Living for Under $300

Hello again, budget apartment shoppers. Over the last few weeks, My First Apartment has been diving into finding all your apartment furniture needs on a dime, whether it’s a space-saving dining setapartment-friendly sofas, or how to equip your first kitchen for under $200. This week, we’re tackling queen-sized bed frames for under $300 (note that the mattress is not included and will run you anywhere from $100-$1,000 or more, depending on material and quality).

Keep scrolling, 5 dreamy (pun totally intended) bed frames are just below.

1. Ikea Storage Bed, $250



I’m a proud owner of this bed — the 4 drawers of storage have been a complete live-saver in our practically closet-less apartment. But, consider yourself warned: IKEA products are infamous for confusing directions and difficult-assembly, and this bed was no exception. But, the hours of squinting at the instructions were well worth it in the end.

2. Walmart Upholstered Bed With Headboard, $190



Looking for something a bit more tailoring and polish? An upholstered bed frame can lend a higher-end look without spending major $$.

3. Overstock Metal Bed Frame With Headboard & Footboard, $240


This classic metal bed frame (complete with a headboard and footboard) comes not only with a great look, but with fantastic reviews as well! But, bear in mind — this bed, unlike the others listed here, will require a box springs set.

4. Ikea Basic Bed Frame, $90


If you’re low on funds and want just a basic bed frame, you can’t go wrong with this simple bed frame. My favorite part (beside the price, obviously?)? The fact that you can customize this one with a little paint and creativity.

5. Montgomery Ward Platform Storage Bed, $300


This bed frame, at a slightly higher price, combines the sophisticated look of the upholstered bed with the apartment-friendliness of the storage bed. But, it comes with another bonus — past buyers give it a major thumbs up.

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