8 Signs It’s Time to Find a New Apartment

Having problems at your current apartment you can’t resolve? Or maybe you find yourself constantly dreaming of a new apartment. These may be signs that it’s time to move on and start your search for a new apartment.

Here are 8 signs it’s time to find a new apartment:

  1. The crime rate in your area is high. Besides affordable rent, safety is important in apartment living. If the crime rate has risen in your area, try finding an apartment in a safer neighborhood.
  2. Tired woman driverYou hate your long commute to work and activities in which you often participate. A long commute can become an aggravation and can make your travel costs rise. Living close to work and activities you frequently use is a great idea to save time and money.
  3. You live far from family and friends. If you always have to drive a long distance to have dinner with your family or friends, consider moving closer to save on travel costs and time. Living closer will also allow you to spend more time together.
  4. You have problem neighbors. Having loud neighbors who keep you up late at night or wake you early in the morning can interfere with your overall happiness and hinder your sleep. If you find yourself feeling resentment toward your neighbors, solve the problem before it worsens by finding a new apartment.
  5. Moldy old cupboardYou’ve discovered that your apartment has mold, a leaking roof, or structural damage. These can become major issues, which will cost you money if they start impacting your health or do damage to your belongings. If these serious problems aren’t addressed and resolved, you may be able to get out of your lease and start looking for a new apartment even before your lease is up. Just make sure you follow all the rent regulations in your area.
  6. There are insects and pests that will not go away. If you notice one insect in your apartment, there’s probably nothing to stress about. If, however, insects and pests become a problem that you or your landlord can’t manage, it may be time to find a new apartment.
  7. Your apartment has poor management. If you have to put in multiple requests to management for the same issue, and the requests are never fulfilled, start looking for a new apartment, one with better management. Make sure you check the landlord’s reputation before signing a lease.
  8. Young man lying on floor thinkingYou’re constantly dreaming of a new apartment. If you’ve lived in the same apartment for a while, you can start feeling tired of both the apartment and the area. Moving into a new apartment will give you a change of scenery and a new neighborhood to explore.

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