5 Things You Don’t Need on Move-In Day

If it’s move-in day at your unfurnished apartment, you may not have a lot of things like rugs, artwork, or a completely stocked kitchen to fill the apartment. Don’t worry. Our Ultimate Checklist is a great resource to help guide you on everything you may need in your apartment. If, however, you don’t have every item on the list on the first day you move into the apartment, it’s completely okay.

Here are 5 things you don’t have to have on your first day in your new apartment.

  1. Iron and ironing board. Need to get the wrinkles out of a shirt but don’t have an iron? Hang your shirt on a hanger in your bathroom, turn the hot water on in the shower, and shut the bathroom door. Letting the hot water run for 5-10 minutes will produce steam, which, in a closed space, will help release the wrinkles in the shirt.
  2. Television. It may be nice to have a television to watch when you’re tired after a long day of moving but not having a television will allow less temptation to leave boxes unpacked. Use your time without a television to unpack your belongings, or better yet, use this time to explore your new neighborhood.
  3. Artwork or wall decorations. Blank walls often get hard to look at, but moving into an apartment and not immediately hanging pictures or decorations on the walls will allow you time to decide exactly what you want to hang.
  4. Coffee maker. Don’t let frequenting a coffee shop become a habit because it can hurt your budget, but visiting a coffee shop that’s close to your apartment can help you become familiar with your new neighborhood and may even help you make new friends with people who live nearby.
  5. Sugar. Or any other inexpensive item you could borrow from a neighbor. This one may seem a little silly, but this could be a great icebreaker to help you meet your new neighbors. You could borrow a cup of sugar from a neighbor, bake some cupcakes or cookies, and carry a tray of your goodies to your neighbor as both a thank you and a way to become friendly with one another.

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