5 Apartment-Friendly Dining Sets Under $250

A few weeks ago, we brought you the first installment of The Affordable Apartment Furniture Basics Series (if you missed it, mosey on over here to check out 5 awesome couches for under $500). This week, we’re heading out of the living room and into the kitchen to bring you 5 apartment-friendly dining sets—often with multi-use functions (can you say win?)—for under $250.

You might have a fondness in your heart for devouring your Ramen cups while hanging out by your good friend, Microwave. And we can’t judge you for eating straight from the pizza box while chilling on the floor in front of the TV (guilty). But, there comes a point in your life where it’s time to sit down in a chair with legs at a table that isn’t made of cardboard and act like the civilized human adult your momma taught you to be.

Let’s get to shopping and make momma proud. (Thank you cards can be address to My First Apartment).

1. 3 Piece Drop Leaf Breakfast Bar with Stools, $95.99


If you’re looking to conserve some serious space, this 2-person dining set from Target is a game-changer. You can use the table itself as a food-prep station and you can tuck the stools neatly away when they aren’t in use. Oh, and wheels. Because obviously.

2. 3-Piece Bistro Set, $68


Working with a small budget in addition to a small space? This cute (and super affordable!) dining set from Walmart is where it’s at, folks. It also comes in other colors.

3. Workstation/Shelf/Dining Table Combo, $104 (Chairs Not Included)


IKEA delivers yet again. This super cool workstation/shelf/dining table combo covers a ton of basics and saves you some major $$. This table doesn’t include chairs, but you can pick up some up from IKEA for as low as $8 a piece.

4. Collapsible Storage Table for 2 or 4, $240 (2 Chairs Included)


Storage? Check. Adjustable seating options? Check. Totally collapsible? Check. As you can see, this IKEA dining set is a definite winner. It comes with 2 chairs for the price, but you can easily buy extras here for about $20 each.

5. Super Expandable Console/Table for 6 for $240


This amazing console hides 2 leaves that expand it to a table large enough to seat 6. This little beauty is from Bed Bath & Beyond (Yes, really!) with a list price is $299.99, but use their 20% off coupon from online and you’ll have it for $240!

Sorry, no chairs are included but you can pick up couple of stacking stools from IKEA for $5 each and store them under the console and still stay under our $250 limit.

marius-stool-red from Ikea

EXPANDABLE SPLURGE: Table and 4 Chairs, $355 (2 Extra Leaves Included)


If you plan to entertain a lot in your apartment, this dining set is for you. At first glance, it looks you could squeeze a max of 4 (maybe six if you really don’t mind being cozy at dinner), but there’s a surprise—this set comes with 2 extra leaves included, meaning it can seat up to 8 people. This set is perfect for hosting dinner parties at your new place!

Which dining set catches your eye? Tell us in the comment section below. Or, if you know of a hidden away gem, share with your  fellow apartment-dwelling buddies.

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