Quick Ways to Make Extra Cash…With NO Work!

Maybe it’s just me, but I find myself strapped for extra cash during the summer time. Whether it’s more time for activities or planning vacations, money doesn’t seem to last as long as it does in the colder months!

However, I am NOT complaining, because I found a few ways to save a little extra this summer. A penny saved is a penny earned…right? The best part? No extra work is required!

1. Cancel extra subscriptions

Internet television conceptWe all have them…subscriptions you pay for each month that you don’t really take advantage of. Whether it’s Netflix, Hulu, or HBO, a membership to the yoga studio you hated, a clothing / food / beauty box mail service,  take the chance to CANCEL if you haven’t used it in the last two weeks. If you find yourself missing the service in the next few months, re-instate it. But, I’ll bet you that you don’t miss them much! This is a GREAT way to make back some money you already have.

2. Check bank statements for hidden fees

Hopefully this isn’t your situation, but I recently found that I’ve been charged a monthly fee for not meeting certain requirements on my checking account. My bad, I know, for not reading the fine print earlier. But the good news? By talking with my bank, I can change account plans and eliminate the fees! Extra money in my pocket each month!

3. Warm up the air

This one is less fun, but in the summertime, one of my largest bill fluctuations is in electricity of my apartment. For best savings, keep your A/C on only when you are home to enjoy it and don’t lower it below 72 degrees (often). This one takes a little extra work (adjusting the thermostat up to 80 or higher when you leave and adjusting it back down to 72 when you get home), but it will bring in major savings. Note: If you have pets in the apartment, make sure to keep the temperature bearable for them, even while you’re away.

4. Find free activities

Best friends at beach partyThis summer, instead of blowing money on movie tickets, expensive dinners out, or extravagant vacations, try exploring your local community or spending time outdoors. Hiking, tubing on your local river or lake, or hitting your apartment’s pool with friends are all great activities that won’t cost extra cash. Consider hosting your first dinner party or movie night to offset expensive outings as well.

5. Cook more often

I’m feeling like a broken record on this one (see tips here, here, and here), but cooking is a FUN way to save extra money while brushing up on “adulting” skills. Choose easy, simple recipes and start small! Trust me, few things feel better than completing your first home-cooked meal.

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