Quick Tips to Help Cut Your Utility Bill This Summer.

Businessman in office with computer and fan cooling offHey you, living under this “heat dome”! Utility costs with your apartment got you down? With all the additional expenses that come with summer (long nights out, vacations etc.), it can be easy to blow your budget and not have enough for those unexpected rises in utility costs (AC, more frequent showering, etc.). If you’re strapped for cash like I am and would rather not use the majority of it toward these extra utility costs, here is a list of quick tips to cut your utility bill this summer so you have more cash to enjoy fun activities!

1. Do you belong to a gym? Are you a student or work at an university and can access their fitness facilities? Make a healthy habit by working out at the gym daily and utilizing their showers to clean up after. By taking less showers at home and more at the gym, this will help cut the amount of water you’re using at home, and thus the cost of your water bill.

2. If you do shower at home, try “Army showers”! Rinse. Shut off the water. Lather with shampoo. Turn water the on and rinse. Shut the water off. Shave/condition/etc., Rinse. etc. You’ll use less water shutting off the water between steps in your shower routine, which is better for your wallet and the environment!

3. Keep windows open when you don’t have AC, keep them closed when the AC is cranked up. No point in letting all that cold air out the house and damaging your wallet in the process! Then turn off air at night and switch to fans.

4. Minimize using the stove and oven for cooking during the summer. Not only will it make your house feel 10 times hotter (and you’ll be inclined to crank the AC), it’ll rack up electricity. Try fresh salads and sandwiches that don’t involve heavy cooking, or get the charcoal or propane grill going to cook dinner! No grill? Visit a local park and borrow one of the grills there!

5. A more obvious tip, but make use of longer daylight hours. Turn off all lights during the day, open your blinds and make use of that natural sunlight!

6. Cancel your Netflix and Hulu subscriptions just for the summer (GASP!!!). Spend less time indoors binge watching House of Cards, and more time outside getting some fresh air! Can’t live without your shows? Maybe start with cutting one of these subscriptions for the summer and save until it starts getting cold enough to stay under the covers.

7. Air-dry clothing after washing your clothes to cut the expense of using a dryer. The warmer temperatures outside should get your clothes dry relatively quickly. Hang clothes on a clothesline, or simply hang clothes over your shower door, in your closet separate from the rest of your clothes, or on your balcony (as long as your development does not have rules against it.)

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