Making a Home That Inspires Creativity

By Lily H. Valentine

If you’re an aspiring artist and want to be more creative, it is absolutely KEY to make a space in your home that inspires creativity, brings about peace of mind and allows you to focus on your artistic endeavors. Having a personal space that will foster creativity is just as essential as having the right tools for the job.

Getting inspired will look different for everyone, so be sure to cater to your own interests and personal story when arranging and decorating your own self-appointed “studio” space. Here are four ways I have found that help make my space more inspiring.

1. Dedicate an area for creative projects

Woman with touchpadIf possible, it can be helpful to have separate stations for your creative endeavors and your more mundane tasks, like doing homework or paying your bills. This will help keep the stresses of the world at bay while you’re seeking inspiration or working on a project. Give yourself the necessary space to create and to focus. Time management can be the most difficult thing when you are working at home, so removing outside noise can also be very helpful. Play your favorite music or wear noise canceling headphones if you prefer silence.

2. Seek inspiration

One great way to keep your creative flow going when working from home is to arrange photographs, drawings, or any other images that you find inspiring on a board or designated wall to serve as a “mood board”. This arrangement can change whenever you want it to and just needs to fit your taste and what you find inspiring at the time. Including your own works and achievements will also help boost your self-confidence and remind you that you are capable of following through with your projects.

3. Let there be light!

If you are a visual artist, avid crafter, or aspiring to be creative in any way, natural light is so important. Even if your craft doesn’t necessarily require adequate lighting, I find that being in a naturally bright space or simply sitting near a window can help foster a good creative flow.

Illuminating your creative space in your home will help show all the details of your work and help you create something that will look good in different environments, not just near your desk lamp. Also, it’s hard to say no to free vitamin D.

4. Keep it clean

Painting ToolsFor any type of creative person, it helps to keep the surface or your creative work space clean so you can pick up your project at any time. Make sure that your supplies are organized and accessible. It feels so nice to reach for that ruler, pencil, yarn or needle and know exactly where it is. Also, having too many things on your desk or in your studio at home can be distracting from your process.

For the inspired and the aspiring artist, a self-defined creative space in your own home is such an asset. Surround yourself with the things that make you want to create and bring about a conducive environment to do so. Everyone is different so there is no limit to the style, size or arrangement of your home studio. It could be anything as small as a desk to an entire room. Whatever you are working with, remember to never limit yourself.

Lily H. Valentine is a visual artist, designer, illustrator and musician, living and working in Portland, Or. She loves cats with crooked tails, good food, great dessert, and truly believes that real art can heal the world.

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