2-Hour Sunday Routine for a Stress-Free Work Week

Sunday marks the end of the weekend and, for me, it also means my last opportunity to prep for the work week ahead. If you’re off on Sundays, or even if you work a shift or two, take a couple hours each week to prep for the following week. It’s calming, organized, and will help you be sure you’re ready. Here a 1-2-3 quick Sunday routine to complete each week!

1. Laundry

Young Man With Girlfriend In LaundromatThis one’s a given, especially if you only work during the week. You likely need your uniform or┬ádress pants clean, and if you’re anything like me, the laundry builds up from working, exercising, and going out during the week. By completing laundry weekly, you avoid a huge pile-up and can keep your closet organized. I’ve found that when I wait for longer than a week to do laundry, I spend extra time during the week digging through it for items I need…or end up doing it after work one night when I’m already exhausted. Do yourself a favor and start your laundry early so it’s all done within 2 hours.

2. Meal Prep

fresh_vegetables2If you’re a cooker, or if you’re trying to be one, try meal prepping! Here are some tips to make it successful. This can be as complicated as you want it to be, but if you’re trying to save money from eating out or trying to eat healthier, meal prep is a great step to take to reach your goals! Not only is eating in generally less expensive than going out, but you can also cook meals that are healthier and control what ingredients (and how much) go into each dish.

Some weeks, I meal-prep lunches for the whole week so I’m not tempted to eat out. Other Sundays, I prep snacks to grab-and-go during the work week. It just depends on how dedicated you’d like to be and how much time you can spare. Use a couple hours on Sunday to finish grocery shopping for the week and preparing easy grab-and-go, or heat-able meals.

3. Light Clean

Nothing feels better than coming home to a clean apartment! Take 10 or 15 minutes to straighten up. Try the following:

  • housekeepingPut away all dishes in the kitchen
  • Wipe down kitchen and living room surfaces
  • Put away any clutter (shoes, jackets, clothes, cups, etc…those are what pile up in our place!)
  • Make your bed
  • Wipe down bathroom surfaces and clear countertops

This won’t take more than a few minutes and will leave your apartment sparkling for the week ahead.

Reward Yourself with ME-Time

Most importantly, spend some time for YOURSELF on Sundays! Whether it’s taking a walk outside, watching your favorite show on Netflix, or spending time with friends, use Sundays as a day for relaxation after your work is done. By prepping for the work week AND taking some personal time, you’ll start off Monday with a fresh (clean) apartment and fresh (re-freshed!) attitude.sunday

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