20 “Roommate-Night” Ideas

Roommates-Main-ImageOne of the best things about having roommates is the chance to become great friends with them! While it’s definitely possible to have challenges when living with another person, it’s important to do your best to get along and have fun together. Doing so can often make both of your living experiences much better!

For those of you who love your roommates already, or for those who are trying to think of new activities to help bond with roommates you don’t know too well, here’s a list of 20 roommate-date-night ideas to spend some fun time together!

  1. Cook a fancy meal together
  2. Rent a new (or old!) movie, pop popcorn, and relax at home
  3. Take a walk around your complex or at a park nearby
  4. Hit the gym together (this helps accountability, too!)
  5. Find a new board or video game, learn the rules, and play
  6. Try a local restaurant
  7. Wake up early and visit the weekend Farmer’s Market
  8. Search Pinterest and create an apartment craft
  9. Take a painting or pottery class
  10. Visit thrift shops and go apartment shopping
  11. Play loud music and clean the apartment
  12. Plant a vegetable garden for your patio
  13. Take a yoga or fitness class
  14. Get tickets to a concert
  15. Spend a night out with mutual friends
  16. Search for local bands and visit restaurants where they’re playing
  17. Get a manicure/pedicure
  18. Take a cooking class
  19. Visit an animal shelter and play with the animals
  20. Volunteer at a local charity

The key is to try something new or something you both enjoy, and not everything has to cost a lot of money! If you’re not great friends with your roommates (yet!), choose activities that eliminate the chance for awkwardness. Invite them along to activities you’re already doing, or use daily deal sites, such as Groupon, to find new things to try out together!

Any other fun ideas of activities to do with your roommates? Leave them in the comments!

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  1. Avatar Sophie

    Guilty of not being the best roommate! I do not mind watching soccer with her but actually getting up at 6 to go jogging.. Not for me! I will go on groupon to find something friendlier to me.

    • Sarah Sarah

      Great idea! Groupon always has fun local deals, and oftentimes they come in pairs! Enjoy your time with your roommate.