First Step: Make the Decision to Move Out

Moving into your first apartment is both a dream and a rite of passage. It will be a place to call your own. A place to give it your own decorating spin, to binge watch Netflix without anyone judging your choice of shows and to test your cooking skills with recipes you find on Tasty videos from Facebook. Still living at home it sounds like bliss to me. There is no doubt in my mind that every young adult starting out in the working world dreams of the day when they can get to that point of financial stability when they are ready start looking for their own place. It is the ultimate “adult” move.

Then again, there is the comfy alternative —  living at home. It can be tempting to remain in your childhood home with the benefits of home cooked meals after work, constant access to your parents for advice, and the unconditional love from your pet that you have had all your life. The easy way out is to stay at home, keeping the routine of going to work and reporting back home at the end of the day. Is it the ideal living situation? Probably not. Do you get to save while living in a place for free? Yes. Can you stay there forever? No, but when to make the break is a really tough decision.

Fresh start chapter one printed on an old typewriter

Fresh start chapter one printed on an old typewriter

While living at home has all the conveniences of living by yourself with the exception of actually being by yourself,  there is always that tug from independence saying “Hey, I think its time to get your own place…” Although you are 100% aware that this is the next step you must take at some point, you push that notion aside in the hopes of saving up more money or for some other reason you keep on making up. Trust me, I doubt myself all the time. Should I finally  start looking? Do I even earn enough to move out? In order to get out of living with your parents, you have to want it badly enough to be willing to give up the security and comforts of home. You must make the executive decision that you will move out, set a timetable and do everything possible to make it happen. That is step one!

Don’t get me wrong, there are many factors surrounding moving out, and all of them should be taken into serious consideration. Is it affordable? Will I be able to save enough money? Can I find an apartment that is both affordable and in a safe neighborhood with infinite food take out choices? Will I be living by myself? With friends? With a boyfriend? However, after the decision is made, stick with it.  The rest is just execution. And life is all about moving forward one step at a time.

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Kristen Valera is a working girl in the CT area who enjoys finding new places to eat, and has officially made the big move to her first apartment. She hopes her experiences will help others to find their space.

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