Keep Cool And Carry On: 5 Ways To Keep Your Apartment Cool Without Air Conditioning

Summer’s an exciting time, no matter who you are. For many of us, summer means school break, with more time to have adventures, cultivate interests, explore your area, make new friends, and rekindle old relationships.

Except summer’s not so cool when you’re too broke to do anything.

When we lived at home, we probably never gave a thought to cranking the AC up to 62°, completely oblivious to the fact that whoever was paying the bill may’ve been left with a power bill for hundreds of dollars, per month. (Side Note: Remember to send ‘Thank You’ cards to parents and guardians.)

Running an air conditioner has grown to be prohibitively expensive in the 21st Century, thanks to the rising cost of fossil fuels. Apart from that, air conditioners can be hard on the environment, pumping out CFCs to rip up our atmosphere like Swiss Cheese (which makes things even hotter, ironically enough).

Whether your reasons are financial, environmental, or personal, here’s five ways to keep your apartment cool this summer, without air conditioning.

5 Ways To Keep Your Apartment Cool This Summer Without Air Conditioning

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In The Kingdom Of The Blinds…

Probably the easiest (and one of the best) ways to keep your apartment cool without using air conditioning is simply shutting the blinds. The website The Family Handyman reports that simply shutting your blinds can reduce your energy bill by up up to 7%, while lowering indoor temperatures up to a staggering 20°! This is especially true for West- and South-facing windows.


apartment cooling hacksTake The Ice Bucket Challenge

For a lo-fi, quick-fix solution for those blazing days and nights, when it’s too hot to think or sleep, placing a bucket with a bunch of ice – or a similar cooling agent like ice packs – in front of some sort of fan makes for a quick-and-easy air conditioning alternative.

Bonus Tip: Putting a bucket about six inches in front of oscillating fan will help to spread that sweet, cool air around the room. Sometimes it works even better than a window unit or Central AC!

apartment cool hacksChange Your Sheets, Change Your Life

We don’t always remember to change out our bedding for the warm weather months. Not only will this make your sleeping more comfortable at night, once you’ve ditched the heavy wool, flannel, and down, it will also help to bring down the ambient temperature of your apartment.

Bonus Tip: Love the cool side of the pillow? Consider getting a buckwheat pillow, which has more room for airflow than dense feathers or cotton. You’ll be sleeping like a babe before you know it!

apartment cool ceiling fanSet Ceiling Fans On Turn! (counterclockwise)

Now here’s a little known fact – ceiling fans have seasonal settings, just like other appliances or automobiles. Ceiling fans need to be optimized for the warm weather months. Simply set your ceiling fan to turn counterclockwise, and spin at a faster rate, and you’ll be chilling in no time.





how to keep your apartment cool without using air conditioningChill Out!

While it’s tempting to get hung up on keeping our apartments frosty, we sometimes forget it’s our selves we’re really trying to cool down. Placing ice on areas where your pulse is the strongest – like wrists, ankles, neck – drops your body temperature in a hurry! It’s an essential tip for your apartment cooling toolkit.


We’re able to make the most of our living spaces when we’re comfortable and happy. Cooling your apartment without air conditioning lets you stay comfortable without going broke, which means you may be able to leave your apartment this summer, as well.

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